All About Me : Me(l) from A to Z!

As part of my New Year goals I decided to take my blog back to basics and use January as an opportunity for readers to find out a bit about me. I started my blog back in October ,however before I knew it Christmas was upon us and of course I wanted my content to reflect the season meaning I hadn’t had a real opportunity to write much about myself. Therefore I will be writing a series of post’s called All About Me which I hope will give some insight into who I am!

This is the first blog in the series and I thought what better way to start than sharing an A-Z of things about me – which actually wasn’t as easy as I initially expected – I hope you enjoy it!


I have suffered with anxiety for as long as I can remember and until last year I have always felt that I was fighting a losing battle and IT was dictating my life. Last year with lots of help and therapy I have started to try and overcome my anxiety and have seen improvement even if only baby steps. I know that anxiety is part of me and that I can never truly say goodbye to it, but I am determined to keep it at bay and live my life making 2018 the best yet.

Bubble Baths

As a busy Mum there is nothing I like better than a relaxing bubble bath – although these are often interrupted by a knock at the door, I’m sure my kids have a tracker on me!


I have a serious sweet tooth and chocolate is definitely my favourite – probably the reason why I have always been ‘cuddly’! Sadly i’m not one of those people who can just have one piece and leave the rest, once it’s open its gone!

Days Out

As a family we try and cram in as many days out as we can – weather and funds permitting ! I love trying new places and introducing the kids to new experiences whilst making memories to last a lifetime.

Early Starts

I am sad to say that early starts have become part of my life since the birth of my eldest 15 years ago and yet I’m still not used to them – and most definitely not a fan of them! I have always loved a good lie in but someone forgot to send the kids the memo!


F just had to be for friends. I don’t consider myself to have heaps of friends, however the ones I do have are long term, stick with you through thick and thin friends and that is exactly what they have done. Without the support and love of my friends I wouldn’t be where I am today and for that I am truly grateful.

Golf (well mini golf!)

Since having kids I have developed a real love for playing mini golf – well Mr F has always had a passion for it so that has rubbed off too! Wherever we go on holiday we always seem to gravitate towards the mini golf course and often on our days out we manage to incorporate a game. Whilst we don’t play competitively against the kids we do ‘keep score’ between the two of us and we are both pretty competitive which gives it an edge!


Of course an A-Z about me wouldn’t be complete without mentioning my wonderful Husband Mr F. Having spent our teenage years in an on-off relationship we eventually got back together 10 years ago. He is my rock, my world and I don’t know what I would do without him.


I have a real fear of any kind of insect or creepy crawly – one of the reasons I need Mr F is to remove them from the house upon their discovery!


Jeans are my staple wardrobe piece. I’m in no way a girlie girl and don’t wear dresses or skirts unless I’m attending a wedding (see L for an explanation) therefore jeans are my go to. Being a Mum comfort and practicality are essential and jeans are perfect!


The kids may drive me nuts at times, but they are my world and I can’t imagine my life without them – Love all three of them to the moon and back!


I HATE my legs with a capital H. My left calf is (naturally) significantly larger than the right, and whilst most people probably wouldn’t even notice unless I pointed it out I am really self conscious about it. This is one of the reasons I am reluctant to wear anything other than jeans – leggings are a real struggle for me too and usually only worn in the house.


One of my big passions in life is movies and going to the cinema – the last few years due to a lack of time I haven’t watched anywhere near as many as I have in the past and I plan to make sure I change that in 2018. We own hundreds and hundreds of movies on DVD which sway precariously on a shelving unit in the dining room and I am reluctant to part with them despite always watching movies on demand thanks to the advances in technology!!!! Check out my post about some of my favourite movies as part of my series All About Me.


I never used to be a fan of noise, but it’s something I have had to get used to as our family has grown. Now with five of us at home noise is the order of the day and I wouldn’t have it any other way as I know in the future when all the children have grown up and flown the nest I will miss the hun drum of noise.


I am a real stickler for organisation and get real stick about it from my friends and family. If I wasn’t organised it would literally drive me mad as my brain couldn’t deal with it. I plan everything for anything down to the smallest detail leaving little room for error and I know it drives my family crazy – sorry guys it’s the way I am!


This a relatively new discovery for me as I’m really not much of a drinker anymore – I can’t handle the head ache any more (see letter’s E & N). However given the choice now Prosecco is definitely my drink of choice – it just slides down so (too) well I could drink gallons of it if I didn’t exercise some self control!


Q had to be in honour of the multitude of questions I am bombarded with by the kids on daily basis! The youngest has just entered his ‘Why?’ Phase and the older two are constantly asking things like, ‘What’s for tea?’, ‘Where are my shoes?’ (Usually where they were last dumped), ‘Why can’t I stay out later?’ Etc. Aggggh it’s never-ending!


For as long as I can remember reading has been my biggest passion. Given a day to myself child free I can think of nothing more perfect than spending the day snuggled up in bed or under a fluffy blanket on the sofa devouring a book. There is no limit to where you can go with your imagination when you read and for me it’s the ultimate escapism. The children have also all been raised around books from a very early age and enjoy reading too – Thing 2 has actually followed in my teenage footsteps and is a student librarian which was one of my favourite parts of the week when I was in secondary school!


Winter is my favourite season – I explain why here– and snow is one of my favourite things. Sadly in the UK we don’t really see much of it and when we do it usually becomes dirty slush before we have the chance to appreciate it’s full beauty, but when we have a nice thick covering I am the first one out the door pulling on my coat ready to build a snowman!


Somewhere in the last few years I have turned into an old lady who loves nothing more than a good cup of tea – that and the fact that I need the caffeine intake to get me through the day thanks to the Early Starts!


This is more of a regret than something about me. After completing my A-Levels I was actually offered a place at Uni and for reasons which now seem completely ridiculous I decided not to go. In the last few years it is something I have seriously been considering attending once the little one is in full-time education, although the debt does put me off rather. Watch this space.

Value for money

I am a real bargain hunter – otherwise known as a tight arse to my nearest and dearest. There’s nothing I love better than ensuring that I get value for money and I make sure I shop around where possible to do so- even if it does take slightly longer!


Washing is the Bain of my life and I despise it. I’m sure it multiplies in my house, as soon as the washing basket is empty it magically refills – if only it was a magically refilling treasure chest I wouldn’t be complaining then! It’s a bit of a running joke that I’m always doing washing and if on a rare occasion I can’t be found it’s one of the first places suggested – our washer is in an out building.


Xmas is literally my favourite thing! I plan all year round and drive Mr F nuts talking about it. I just adore the whole festive season there is something so joyful and happy about it all nothing else compares for me.


Something I have realised very recently about myself is that I am very much a Yes woman and often automatically say Yes to things that perhaps I don’t even want to do. I really must consider things first before automatically agreeing as it often leaves me running around like a headless chicken with my energy tank on empty and it’s not good for me.


Last but not least Z had to be dedicated to my love of sleep, with possibly a little mourning to be done due to the severe lack of it I actually get ( again see Early Starts). So to my long lost sleep all I can say is I hope that at some point in the future we are reunited – I literally can’t wait.

Phew!! I hope you enjoyed my A-Z and I hope it’s given you a small insight into who I am!

27 thoughts on “All About Me : Me(l) from A to Z!

  1. I can relate to a LOT of these! We’re eerily similar haha! Ive also had anxiety for a good few years, LOVE a bubble bath & chocolate (preferably at the same time), days out and am very organised! Great post (: xxx


  2. I’m more of a coffee than tea woman myself but I LOVE to read and I’m a huge fan of movies myself! Also, your wedding picture is precious!

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