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All About Me: (Some) of my favourite movies!

Having always been a massive movie lover since the good old days of making the weekly trip to the video shop, it is with regret that since the birth of my youngest my movie time has all but disappeared! Despite this it’s still a topic that I love to discuss with friends and family, even though the tables have most definitely turned and it’s me that has no longer seen or heard of the new releases! With this in mind it got me thinking about some of my favourite films so I thought I would share a few with you as part of my All About Me series– believe me this was really hard as I have so many favourites! I have tried to include some that aren’t your run of the mill movies.

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Dancing Thru the Dark
Released in 1990, I discovered this BBC British film in my teens when it was shown on TV. Written by Willy Russell it’s based on his well-known play Stags and Hen’s. Set and filmed in Liverpool, it follows the story of a Dave and Linda as they set out on their stag and hen parties. They ultimately end up in the very same nightclub where Linda’s ex happens to be singing with his band, leaving Linda with an important decision to make!

I love that it depicts a typical British night with all the comedy and one liners that are part and parcel! The romantic part of the storyline has your head and heart divided between what you’re hoping Linda will to do- especially with the eye candy that is the young Con O’ Neill being part of her choice!

The soundtrack is also amazing with Con singing a number of the songs. In the last few years it has been digitally re-mastered and released on DVD which was music to my ears as previously it was only available on VHS and like gold dust to get hold of.

Grease 2

Everyone has seen the original and much loved film Grease (1978) and I have loved it since a very early age – I watched it many, many times without really understanding all of the sexual references! However controversially I have to admit I actually prefer the sequel! Set two years after Grease there are only a handful of the original cast remaining – Didi Conn as Frenchie has a small part and provides the link between the two movies. Grease 2 follows Sandy’s English cousin Michael as he starts and settles in at Rydall High trying to find his place. He quickly falls in love with Stephanie Zinone (played by Michelle Pfeiffer), the new head of the Pink Ladies, which is never going to be easy when you aren’t part of the elite T-Birds!

I prefer the soundtrack compared to the original and I also think that Adam Zmed who play’s Johnny Nogerelli is much hotter than John Travolta (sorry!). Most of the vocal performances aren’t anywhere near as good as the original but for me that is part of the charm – although Lorna Luft who plays Paulette has a pretty amazing set of pipes, not surprising as she is the sister of Liza Minnelli!

Finally I must confess that I love the movie so much my middle child is actually named after a character!


This is a relatively new film to have been added to my favourite’s list as I obviously missed it when it was originally released in 2001. The first thing it has going for it is the ‘loose’ theme/connection to Christmas as that’s where the story starts and ends – being an Christmas fanatic I was sold immediately ! It follows the story of Jonathon and Sara who have a chance encounter one winter’s evening and despite having an obvious spark realise that they can’t be together. Instead of swapping numbers Sara decides to try an unorthodox experiment believing that if they are destined to be together they will be. We then follow their separate stories to find out if fate will allow their paths to cross again.

I am a real sucker for a rom-com anyway, but love the added dimension of fate rather than just the usual will they/won’t they. I am personally a massive believer in fate and this heart-warming film is right up my street! Watch out for Eugene Levy’s (American Pie) small part in this movie he is just brilliant!

Napolean Dynamite

Released in 2004 this is definitely what I would describe as a Marmite film – you either love it or hate it! The plot is fairly simple with Napolean, a teenage loner, meeting a new friend Pedro and setting about helping him win his class presidency, however Napolean’s home life is far from normal! Living with his crazy Grandma and brother Kip as well a visit from his Uncle Rico and it all makes for one crazy bizarre family.

When I first watched this film my initial thought was WTF am I watching, but it actually turned out to be one of the funniest films I think I have seen! The comedy is kind off the wall hence referring to it as Marmite! My favourite scene in the film has to be Napolean’s dance to Canned Heat by Jamiroquai which I can never listen to in the same way since watching the movie.

I hope I have given you a little inspiration if you haven’t seen these films – feel free to leave your favourite films in the comments below to inspire me when I actually find a window of time to watch some!

20 thoughts on “All About Me: (Some) of my favourite movies!

  1. Out of those, I’ve only seen Grease 2. I didn’t really like it but we all have different tastes. I have so many favourite films too – at the moment, I’m into superhero films (especially Guardians of the Galaxy) and I’m a complete big kid, so I love my animated films too x

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  2. I’ve not seen any of these! I wonder if any of them are on netflix, could watch one later on. My favourite film ever is a little know film with Sylvester Stallone as the main character called Over the Top. It’s a bit of a wildcard but there’s something I love about it.

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  3. Need to checkthe movie serendipity i also love christmas themed movies and because Christmas is a few months away I guess I can start watching christmas movies 😉 thanks for sharing


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