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Book Review: There’s a Monster in Your Book by Tom Fletcher

First admission is that I am a HUGE McFly fan, having been hooked since the early noughties when they released 5 colours in her hair was released!  Tom has always been  my favourite, with Danny coming a close second, so when I first heard he was to team up with fellow band mate Dougie Poynter to write a children’s book I just knew that I had to introduce them to my son! We have avidly devoured each of the Dino that Pooped series with our favourite of course being The Dino That Pooped Christmas ( I chose it as one of our Top 5 Winter reads! )- not a difficult choice for a Christmas nut!


When I read on Twitter that Tom was to release a children’s book of his own I knew that it would have to be added to our ever expanding bookshelves – I seriously think we need more storage units as they are groaning under the weight of our ever expanding collection!

This book was published in the Summer and having forgotten to pre order it was the following week whilst out shopping with the girls that I couldn’t fail but spy the prominent display inside the book shop of Tom’s new release There’s a Monster In Your book. Having already spent a fortune kitting the girls out with tonnes of new clothes I did waiver ever so slightly before justifying my purchase by convincing myself I had to get the little one a gift to make it even after all purchases I had made for the girls – I think really it was me that wanted it so badly!

Before sharing with my son I had a quick flip through and was excited to see that it is what I would call an interactive book – it requires engagement from the reader to help the story along. A lot of the stories in our house, like most, are read at bedtime and at first glance I didn’t think this one would be suitable due to the active participation required but the ending is fantastically written and ensures the reader is calmed and ready for sleep – along with the naughty monster.


The concept of the content is quite unique and extremely well thought out, along with Gregg Abbott’s wonderful illustrations which just make this the perfect children’s book. The illustrations are bright, colourful and engaging and help to bring the story to life with a ‘3D’ style which really allows the children to interact with the story.

My son loves to read this book and it has been chosen many nights as one of his pre bedtime reads. I would highly recommend this book to parents of pre preschoolers (or McFly fans!) as they are sure to love it as much as we do – this will be a favourite on our book shelf for many years to come .

20 thoughts on “Book Review: There’s a Monster in Your Book by Tom Fletcher

  1. I really love that you’re using your son as an excuse to fangirl further over your favourite band member. So please tell us the truth, would you still have bought it even if you didn’t have kids? 😂
    In all seriousness I’m glad that your son enjoys the book and the reader participation sounds fun x


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  2. I literally love going to stores and picking up the kids picture books. The illustrations are so cute and beautiful. I can’t wait to have kids to buy these with no judgement lol


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