Budget Valentine’s Gift Guide

It’s February and for many thoughts to turn to Valentine’s Day. Personally I have never ‘done’ Valentine’s on a big scale and Hubby and I prefer just to exchange a card and a small inexpensive gift, shunning the extravagant meals out and dozens of roses. Don’t get me wrong I am a great believer in ‘each to their own’ and if that’s what people want and enjoy doing that’s fabulous go for it, do what makes you happy!


When buying gifts for each other our budget is usually around £15, so I thought I would put together a small guide of budget gift ideas to hopefully give others some inspiration.

Things I Love About You Journal – Paperchase £4

This cute journal is the perfect gift to personalise. It contains 50 heart shaped pages to write your own’ things you love’ about your partner. At only £4 it won’t break the bank and for me it’s the perfect way to show the one you love that you care by sharing your thoughts and feelings with them.


Personalised Valentine’s Mug – Spark’s Clothing Shop £12

Spark’s clothing Shop on Etsy do a large range of personalised Valentine’s items in their store, but I fell in love with these three mug designs in particular and just had to share them!

The penguin, tortoise and love bird mugs are just super cute and can be personalised to include not only your partner’s name but yours too.

Please note the price is for one mug only, the picture shows both sides of the mug. Having said that I would be very tempted to buy one for myself too so we could twin as we sip our morning brew!

Engraved Two Heart Keyring – Amazon £9.99

I love the idea of having a keyring each that fit together perfectly and even better you can have them personalised for free with your names (up to 11 characters). The reviews on this item are good and seem to suggest they will arrive in a gift box, however at less than a tenner (inc delivery) even if they didn’t it wouldn’t cost much to purchase one.

They are provided via Amazon by the company Gift Cookie which is a reputable British company and are delivered free.


Home-made Night In Hamper

How about making your own night in hamper for your loved one? Personally I would include a DVD – perhaps something you have talked about watching and haven’t got round to – popcorn, sweets/chocolate, something you like to drink (hot chocolate would be my choice) and depending on how far your budget stretches perhaps a blanket for snuggling (B&M sell some lovely inexpensive ones).

This can be made as cheap or expensive as you want. There’s not even any need buy a new DVD why not add a favourite you already own or perhaps make a personalised note suggesting something on Netflix you know your other half would love? Or why not make it more like the movies and buy some cardboard popcorn boxes too!

Need some inspiration? Then check out  Our Top 10 Romantic Movies


Make a Meal of it!

Instead of a gift perhaps you could make a nice meal for your partner? This doesn’t have to be you slogging away in the kitchen for hours on end making a gourmet meal, especially if like me you’re a terrible cook! Around Valentine’s most of the supermarkets and places like M&S offer fantastic Meal Deals often including a bottle of something for less than £15. In my opinion these meals usually require minimum effort and taste superb as a lot of them include the ‘Extra Special’ ranges. All you need for the perfect romantic night in!

Picture Credit : Vitchakorn Koomyosyimg @mggbox

Remember you don’t have to spend a fortune to let someone know you love and appreciate them, it’s the little things that count not the big grand gestures.

I hope this guide has been useful and given you a couple of ideas to treat the one you love this Valentines Day. What do you do for Valentine’s Day ? Leave us a comment and let us know your plans.

19 thoughts on “Budget Valentine’s Gift Guide

  1. Those penguin mugs are gorgeous, I’ve not seen anything as cute as that for a long time. And I LOVE the idea of a homemade hamper, that’s such a clever suggestion. My husband and I don’t make a big deal of V-Day either but we do like to share some sparkly and chocolate so I’ll make sure I incorporate both into our hamper 😂 thank you for a lovely post! X

    Lisa |

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahh I love this guide; it’s a relief knowing I’m not the only one that doesn’t go all out on Valentine’s day with expensive gifts and such!
    I love the mugs, especially the penguin one, such a lovely little touch – I just might have to get one.
    Also love the homemade hamper idea, may have to steal that from you 😉
    Thanks for the great suggestions!

    Jessica xo |


  3. Cute ideas! I bought my boyfriend a “Reasons Why I Love You” box from Not On the High Street for Christmas just gone. It’s really nice and was about £15 so not too expensive either 🙂 xxx


  4. Oh my goodness!! This post just brought back memories! I got the other half the personalised key rings for our first valentines from amazon from gift cookie! Haha!

    Soffy //


  5. These are amazing ideas! I am so glad I’ve come across this, was struggling for inspiration. I’m definitely looking into the cups. Thank you.

    All the best, Kirsty. Xx


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