Meet The Blogger: Esmée From Servillas Speaksk


I’m absolutely thrilled to be featuring Esmée from Servillas Speaks in today’s Meet The Blogger interview as her blog is one of my personal favourites. Previously known as Ezzie’s Bookshelf her site has recently undergone a re brand to expand her content and it looks fabulous. I hope you enjoy learning more about Esmée and her blog as you check out our chat ….

Tell us a bit about yourself and your blog

My name is Esmée and I am a 19 blogger from the Netherlands. I primarily talk about books, usually in the form of reviews. I mainly read SFF books in my free time and also play video games, go out with my camera or play with one of my many pets whenever I am not reading or blogging. I am rebranding my blog to expand my content from just books to all things I enjoy, like movies, series, games and whatnot, so new things are coming and I am very excited!

How long have you been blogging?

I have been blogging for a little over two years now, but it feels like forever! I just had my second anniversary on July 9th and looking back I am so proud. I didn’t blog non-stop though. Had to take small breaks to figure things out, both for the future of my blog and myself IRL and that’s okay. But I am not planning to stop anytime soon!

What or who inspired you to create your blog?

A few months before I started my blog, I finally came back into reading again. I loved reading when I was a kid, but middle school was so stressful and hectic that I really forgot about that hobby. So when I finally got back into reading, I made a bookstagram, learnt a lot about the online book community and wanted to participate and contribute myself. I started with just simple reviews and slowly grew to do more than ordinary reviews and other kinds of things.

What’s your favourite thing about running your blog?

I think that my favourite thing about blogging is that I can let my voice be heard. I can freely share my opinion and my take on a matter. It makes me feel powerful, to be honest, and it is amazing!

How do you stay motivated?

To be really honest, it’s hard. I am so good at procrastinating that I sometimes just have to force myself and sit down to write a review. But when I am on a roll and have a few posts ready, I feel really good about myself and go on.
Besides that, my readers and people online are the main reason I stay motivated. Their comments and how they receive my posts are incredible and make me confident for the next thing I write. Even though my head likes to tell me otherwise, I just know I make quality content and people enjoy it and THAT is what motivates me.

What’s been the most challenging part of your blogging journey to date?

Keeping up with a schedule! I can sometimes post a few days in a row or not at all for several weeks. This is something I am working really hard on as consistency is really important. I aim to have this sorted and steady before the end of the year!

Tell us about your favourite blog post 

My favourite post is the one I wrote about review policies. I put a lot of hard work in it and it really paid off. It was so well received by the public and I am still getting ‘thank yous’, even though I posted this several months ago. I wanted to sincerely help people and I already would have been happy if it helped one person, but it got almost 1k views and so many people messaged me afterwards that they used my guide. It was such a proud moment and this confidence really keeps me going.

Describe your blog in four words

I am so bad at this, so just let me try…

Honest, SFF, books, reviews

What are your future hopes and dreams for your blog?

I am currently in the middle of rebranding my blog to expand my content to what is more me. I hope this will give me more opportunities to show the world what I have got and help me grow accordingly. And I think that is my main goal: to grow, both personally and blog wise.


Early Bird or Night Owl?

Night Owl

Night in or night out?

Night in

Ketchup or mayo?


Summer or Winter?


Tea or coffee?


Bath or shower?


Pizza or Chinese?


Dog or cat?


Movie or box set?


Sweet or savoury?


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I’d like to say a massive thank you to Esmée for taking part. Check out next week’s post as I welcome another fabulous blogger.

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One thought on “Meet The Blogger: Esmée From Servillas Speaksk

  1. Thank you for having me, Melanie! 💜

    For those confused because of my answer about hopes and dreams, at the time of writing this, I was still in the middle of my rebrand (which is done like Melanie said) but forgot to rewrite that part 😂


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