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Meet The Blogger: Elysia From Becoming Elysia

Happy Thursday everyone and welcome back to my ever popular Meet The Blogger Series. Today I’m chatting to the wonderful Elysia from Becoming Elysia all about her blog; I hope you’ll have a read of our interview and of course check out her website too. Enjoy….

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Tell us a bit about yourself and your blog

I am a 23 year old blogger from the UK I blog about all sorts from mental health, to Harry Potter. I write about things people haven’t heard of, like PCOS or thing people find it hard to talk about, like religion. My blog is however and whatever I’m feeling like on the day I pop up a blog post!

How long have you been blogging?

I’ve been blogging for a little over a year now. I’m working on becoming more active in the community and trying to make my audience grow a little bit more

What or who inspired you to create your blog?

I watch quite a few YouTubers who started by running a blog. My favourite is BrummyMummyof2, she started her blog when she felt low and lonely and it’s led her to become happier and find her tribe. Through it she can make her voice heard and that’s something I’d love to do. I would love to make friends in the community and find like minded people to chat to and blog with. And maybe one day, more people will know about PCOS or find mental health more acceptable because I helped to make a little bit of a difference.

What’s your favourite thing about running your blog?

I love connecting with other bloggers and being part of things like this!

How do you stay motivated?

Motivation is something I really struggle with. I’m not the most reliable when it comes to blog posts and social interaction because I’m a procrastinator at heart. I’m working on it though! I’m hoping that I can make my blog time my commute to and from work and that might help my motivation when I’ve got a bit more of a schedule to follow.

What’s been the most challenging part of your blogging journey to date?

Keeping consistent and coming up with blog ideas. I’m struggling a little to write what I want and what I think other people will want to read. I guess moving forward I need to focus on me and if others read and enjoy it that’s awesome!

Tell us about your favourite blog post 

My favourite blog post is one I wrote all about my medical condition PCOS. There’s a lot people don’t know and the fact I was able to share my story made me feel like others might understand it and it gave me a chance to speak to others who have the same condition – here’s a link

Describe your blog in four words

Me. Quirky. Fun. Unique.

What are your future hopes and dreams for your blog?

I’d love to be able to grow a bit of a following so that we can get discussions happening on important topics like mental health and that my tiny corner of the internet might help someone else



Early Bird or Night Owl?

Night Owl

Night in or night out?

Night in

Ketchup or mayo?


Summer or Winter?


Tea or coffee?


Bath or shower?


Pizza or Chinese?


Dog or cat?


Movie or box set?

Box set

Sweet or savoury?


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I’d like to say a massive thank you to Elysia for taking part. Check out next week’s post as I welcome another fabulous blogger.

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