Meet The Blogger: Amy From Amybellxo

Welcome back to another addition of my Meet The Blogger Series, a weekly feature designed to help you discover blogs to follow and more content to devour. Today I’m chatting to the fabulous Amy from Amybellxo to discover all about the inspiration for her blog, I hope you enjoy reading her interview and be sure to check out her blog and socials too!

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Tell us a bit about yourself and your blog

My blog is all things lifestyle, beauty, travel and some q and a’s. My q and a’s entail meet the bloggers/youtubers/influencers/mental health/uni advice from different people in all walks of life! My blog is a bit of everything!

How long have you been blogging?

 I started my blog on my blogger in 2014, and moved my blog over to wordpress this year! In total I have been blogging for 5 years and I love it!

What or who inspired you to create your blog?

Different bloggers for sure! I loved reading different blogs and each one had a different sense of style of what they would write about. I loved reading Zoella’s, Tanya Burr, Inthefrow all of them cliché but amazing writers. I also felt inspired to write a blog, as I felt like I had a lot to say and wanted to put my thoughts and feelings out to people and I hope that I am able to help people out there with different issues.

I  also love being creative, I used to write a lot growing up and also loved English and creative writing at school, so my blog let me have a creative outlet!

What’s your favourite thing about running your blog?

Something I can call my own. I love having my own little space to write my feelings and thoughts down. I love the fact I can write whatever I want to write, and some people will comment back and it is amazing. I also love the fact you are able to meet so many different, talented people from blogging who have their own journey and have so much things to write about!

How do you stay motivated?

Inspiration- the most amazing thing about other bloggers and social media sites Is the fact there is inspiration everywhere. It can give you fresh inspiration.

Make lists: I am such a list person and this makes me feel motivated to write new content, as I always can jot down ideas and use them for new content.

Talk to other bloggers: I love doing this as I am able to speak to other bloggers and get some motivation from them, seek validation, If that makes sense?

What’s been the most challenging part of your blogging journey to date?

Defiantly blogger burn out, not having any ideas or inspiration to write. It is so annoying, as you want to create content, but you have no ideas, I feel like that is challenging.

Some brands who you work with and you think you have done a good job, and they don’t like it can be challenging!

Tell us about your favourite blog post 

I love my meet the q and a series with different people, as you are able to get to know about different people and how they handle different subjects. I spoke to fellow blogger/youtuber Em Sheldon, and I wasn’t expecting a reply, and she replied to me, which is insane!! Love that interview as I feel like as a fellow blogger/youtuber, it’s nice to see with hard work how much you can achieve! you can read it here

Describe your blog in four words

 I would like to say inspiring, as when I do meet the q and a series it’s so nice to hear about different stories. Consistent: I am now consistent with my blog posts, Positive: I hope that when people read my blog, they can feel positive. Helpful: I hope it is helpful with some of my tips!

What are your future hopes and dreams for your blog?

I want it to become successful in the future, and just grow. But all in all, I want to be happy in creating the content I am creating, and for other people to find my blog and enjoy what I am creating, otherwise, it’s just me that is happy reading it


Early Bird or Night Owl?

Early bird

Night in or night out?

Ooo, depends, but a night in, in your pj’s watching rubbish telly with a takeaway sounds good!

Ketchup or mayo?


Summer or Winter?

Summer, I create so many amazing memories in summer.

Tea or coffee?

Tea, love the smell of coffee, hate the taste

Bath or shower?

Bath, it is so relaxing!

Pizza or Chinese?

Aahhhh, both? I am fancying a Chinese right now though

Dog or cat?

Dog, I want a Labrador so much!!

Movie or box set?

Box sets, friends is my fave!

Sweet or savoury?

Sweet, I have such a sweet tooth oops!!!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope that you enjoyed finding out about me and my blog!! Thank you for Melanie for interviewing me.

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I’d like to say a massive thank you to Amy for taking part. Check out next week’s post as I welcome another fabulous blogger.

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