Meet The Blogger: Haley From Introverted Creativity

Welcome back to this week’s addition of my Meet The Blogger series. This week I’m chatting to Haley from the wonderfully named blog Introverted Creativity to find out all about her website and what inspired her to create it. Check out her interview below and be sure to take a look at her blog too.

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Tell us a bit about yourself and your blog?

I’m a 22 year old poet, gamer, animal lover, and huge nerd. I also happen to be awkward and introverted, hence the name of my blog, Introverted Creativity. My blog is mainly a space for me to share my writing and various passions with the world. Right now, my content is a mix of poetry, motivational posts, and pet spotlights.

How long have you been blogging?

I just started blogging a couple months ago, back at the beginning of November 2019.

What or who inspired you to create your blog?

Years before I started my blog, I followed many other bloggers and influencers. I was always so excited to read their new posts, and I thought it was amazing that all these people were able to write whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted. Those bloggers had complete creative freedom, and shared it with the world. I really loved the idea of that.

Just a year ago, I began helping a friend with their pop culture based blog. I’m still contributing to it, and so far, it’s been an incredible journey. I’d already liked the concept of blogging, but that experience was what really convinced me. So, last November, I finally took the plunge and created my own blog, the first step towards a long time dream.

What’s your favourite thing about running your blog?

So far, running my blog has been a fantastic experience, all around. However, I’d say the best part is knowing that I am sharing my writing with people from all over the world. I never thought I’d be able to reach such a wide audience, or acquire a readership at all. It’s such a surreal, but amazing feeling. In just two months, I’ve met and connected with so many amazing people. That’s been another wonderful aspect, as well.

How do you stay motivated?

Mainly, I just tell myself I need to do something, and then, I do it. I can procrastinate and put certain tasks off, but when I actually set my mind on doing something, I get it done right away. I’ve also found that making small goals, and then rewarding myself for reaching them, helps a lot. For example, I’ll tell myself things like, “One more blog post. After that, you can watch a couple YouTube videos.” Motivational blogs are a huge inspiration, too.

What’s been the most challenging part of your blogging journey to date?

Honestly, I think the most challenging part is just keeping up with notifications and other blogs. I love interacting with other bloggers and reading their content, but if I allow things to build up, they can quickly become overwhelming. I also run a few different social channels for my blog, so it can be difficult to keep everything updated.

Tell us about your favourite blog post

As of right now, I think my post with the poem“Trail of Secrets,” is my favourite. This poem was a bit different from what I usually write, and despite that, I think the piece turned out quite well. It’s one of those poems that just came together. A few words popped into my head, followed by several more, and soon enough, I had a whole poem to work with.

Additionally, I’m proud of leaving my comfort zone to write this. I even shared it, regardless of having some doubts. I’m so glad I did! I think it was a good step for me, personally, and it seemed to be well received.

Describe your blog in four words

  • Poetic

  • Creative

  • Nerdy

  • Optimistic

What are your future hopes and dreams for your blog?

I’m at about 85 followers right now, so I’d love to make it to at least 100 in the next few months. Other than hoping my blog continues growing, I want to expand the amount and variety of content I create. I’d really like to participate in more blog features and collaborations, too. And so far, I’ve been posting at least once each day. I want to keep that trend going for the following six months. For now, those are my biggest goals for the blog.


Early Bird or Night Owl?

Night Owl

Night in or night out?

Night in

Ketchup or mayo?


Summer or Winter?


Tea or coffee?


Bath or shower?


Pizza or Chinese?


Dog or cat?


Movie or box set?


Sweet or savoury?


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I’d like to say a massive thank you to Haley for taking part. Check out next week’s post as I welcome another fabulous blogger.

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