What our clients say….

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“If you’re looking to create a buzz for your book, to help gain extra exposure and scoop those all-important reviews – Melanie’s blog tour organising service should be your first point of call. 

We all know that reviews for your book help create interest and encourage readers to pick your book. The more reviews on your Amazon page, the more likely you’ll secure a sale. But we all know how difficult it is to get those reviews! 

And that’s where Melanie’s services come handy. Before spending your hard-earned money on Amazon advertising, authors would do better investing in a blog tour first. The blog tour creates interest, the social presence and more importantly… reviews! 

Melanie’s blog tours offer a fantastic service! She is extremely engaging and approachable both – to authors and bloggers. She organises her blog tours with a personal touch; creating an atmosphere, where bloggers feel comfortable to approach an author and ask questions, to discuss the novel, which is all in return, dear authors, produces more favourable and rounded reviews. Her service is friendly, efficient, insightful with lots of attention to details. 

And last, but not least, the cost of the service is a bargain, especially in comparison to other providers. The number of reviews received during the tour to the cost ratio is very favourable indeed: each review and exposure cost me just £2. And that’s to provide genuine reviews! 

Come on authors! Do your maths and if you have only forty to fifty pounds to spend on your book launch – you couldn’t do better for your book than spending it here! “


Moxie Tour Banner

Working with Melanie was an absolute pleasure. Doing a virtual blog tour was a new experience for me, but Melanie organised every step perfectly and professionally. She explained how a blog tour worked and communicated what I should expect at every stage.

She is very responsive, answering questions I had within an hour of my asking them and emailing me to check in during the lead up to the blog tour. She matched my book with bloggers in the right target audience and was able to secure me several great reviews from bloggers who continued to plug my book on Twitter and Instagram after the blog tour had ended.

Melanie provided me with graphics to use on my private social media accounts, real time updates as reviews were posted, and a comprehensive list of reviews and links when the tour ended. Fraser’s Fun House has my most enthusiastic recommendation.

Alex Poppe – Author, Moxie

What our bloggers say….

” I worked with Melanie as part of a blog tour. I found her to be professional, efficient and super helpful.”                                       


“Blog tours hosted by Melanie are my favourite. Since I am able to write about my honest opinion on the platforms that I prefer. She also replies quickly to any questions and shares the ARC, due dates etc. on time which leaves me enough to plan everything in advance.

Furthermore, she connects the different bloggers who take part on the tour and encourages a welcome and engaging environment. Thus, taking part in her tours in always fun!”


“I have worked with Fraser’s Fun House for two blog tours and a cover release thus far. This is not my first time working with someone who organises blog tours – but it has been one of the best experiences. In all instances I have received all the appropriate information way ahead of time, which as a book blogger with other books I intend to read… it is a blessing. Along with receiving all of the appropriate information in the best time, she has been fantastic to work with. Anytime I had a question she was quick to response and I never felt once that it was an inconvenience. Along with being readily accessible for any and all questions, she interacts so well with bloggers. This is huge because it makes me feel like she really wants me to be a part of the tour she is hosting. I will definitely be working with her in the future and I look forward to it.”



“I can say Melanie’s services are amazing. She is very kind and easy to contact and everything is very well organised and clear. I have participated in two blog tours and a cover reveal hosted by her, all for the same author. I have met other amazing bloggers and got to know the author of the book we were all reading. It has been an amazing, low pressure and supportive environment. Besides, we were able to help boost the author’s book to get that amazing orange banner on Amazon, because bloggers, host and author had such close and personal contact. Cannot recommend Fraser’s Fun House any more!”

Esmée, Ezzie’s Bookshelf