Our favourite time of the week – Music Makers class!

Music Makers is a fabulous, noise-filled session aimed at pre school children and is one of my favourite times of the week! The classes run locally to us and across Cumbria.

I first discovered Music Makers (then called Mini Stages) in 2007 when classes first started running in my local area and I was in search of something to do with my daughter. Since having my son just under 4 years ago I knew that I just had to enrol him so that he too could reap the benefits and enjoyment the sessions bring and he has been attending classes since just before he turned one.

Helen Teasdale, the principal, has a wealth of experience having gained her BA Hons degree in Performing Arts from St Martin’s, Lancaster as well as previously studying at  The City of Leeds College of Music. She has also performed in many well known venues including the Albert Hall and has also performed on Songs of Praise.

The first thing you realise when you arrive for a session is just how passionate Helen is about her job. She is always brimming with energy and enthusiasm throughout – I don’t know how she does it because as well as running Music Makers she also has two children of her own, quite possibly cake! She has an amazing way with the children and takes time to interact with the children before, during and after the class giving the whole experience a really friendly personal feel.

The sessions are run in small groups with a maximum of 15 and last for around 40 minutes during which you will treated to Helen singing live – she is amazing- to a number of songs/rhymes which change periodically. This allows the children to learn the songs through repetition over a number of weeks. Most songs are accompanied by some sort of prop or instrument and each child receive their own allowing them to join in regardless of their age or ability. Singing and dancing is always encouraged  – including Mum’s and Dad’s  too!

Leo has just blossomed since attending the classes, they have really helped build his confidence and he loves the social aspect of meeting and making new friends. He has also learnt the invaluable skill of sitting and listening – not something that comes naturally to most toddlers – and this has been really helpful for nursery and of course with the approach of school its invaluable. It also helps to keep him nice and active as he loves to dance and jump along to the songs and joining in with his friends. He loves all the songs and regularly sings them at home as well as in the car as well since Helen recorded a professional CD filled with the Music Makers classics – I must admit I have been known to have a listen and bop along when he isn’t even with me which must a real sight to see LOL!

After the sessions there is a chance for a fruity snack and juice for the kids plus a cuppa for the adults while the kids play and the adults mingle. We have made some wonderful friends through attending these classes and the social aspect for the the children and the adults is a real bonus.

The sessions run throughout the week at various venues ( click link below for further info) and a free taster session can be booked by contacting Helen giving you the chance to experience the pure joy that Music Makers has to offer.

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