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10 Reasons To Love Autumn

It’s September which can only mean one thing……IT’S AUTUMN! Unlike most I’m delighted and more than ready to say goodbye to the heat and hay fever filled Summer months. I love the cooler crisp weather and the changing colours of the leaves, they give me a real nostalgic feel.  I remember fondly heading back to… Continue reading 10 Reasons To Love Autumn


5 Reasons You Should Declutter Your Home

For me this time of year always brings with it a compulsion to declutter each and every room in the house. I’m not sure what it is? Perhaps the fact that the kids have been hanging around the house making more mess than usual all Summer or because I know there are Birthday’s and Christmas… Continue reading 5 Reasons You Should Declutter Your Home

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Review: Perfectly Positive Subscription Box

Last week I posted a review of the book Happier Thinking and since reading it I have been making a conscious effort to incorporate and utilise the techniques and tips it discusses. Taking on board these changes got me thinking about other things I could change in my life to help attain a more positive… Continue reading Review: Perfectly Positive Subscription Box

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Book Review: Happier Thinking By Lana Grace Riva

I’m thrilled to share something completely different to my usual book reviews. The wonderful Lana Grace Riva recently contacted me asking if I would like to read her debut self-help book Happier Thinking and after reading the blurb it sounded right up my street. Suffering from long term anxiety often my thought pattern is far… Continue reading Book Review: Happier Thinking By Lana Grace Riva

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Review: Printkick Promotional Stationery

I’ve always been a stationery fan, however since I started blogging it has become something bordering on an obsession! I can’t even visit a supermarket nowadays without a sneaky browse down the stationery aisle, often resulting in a little extra unplanned purchase! So, imagine my delight when I discovered an email from a company called… Continue reading Review: Printkick Promotional Stationery

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Blogging: How I’m Staying Organised

With the youngest of the Fraser clan starting school in September I really want to take the opportunity to focus on my blog. I’m extremely lucky that my new job means I work early mornings leaving me plenty of time (in theory) to spend blogging whilst he is at school without infringing on family time.… Continue reading Blogging: How I’m Staying Organised

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Top 3 Holiday Destinations To Revisit

Despite only recently returning from a holiday it doesn’t stop me dreaming about packing my case and heading off to warmer shores again! I’m sure I can’t be the only person who returns from a holiday wishing it had lasted longer with a list of places I would still have liked to have explored. In… Continue reading Top 3 Holiday Destinations To Revisit

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Creative Storytelling With Magical Story Jars

Reading and sharing stories for the Fraser’s is akin to breathing, however my personal favourites are those enjoyed before bed. From being tiny I have always shared a Bedtime Story with the kids before snuggling them up in bed with a big sloppy kiss– I hasten to add I no longer read them to the… Continue reading Creative Storytelling With Magical Story Jars