A massive Hello and welcome to Fraser’s Fun House!

I’m Melanie, a Mum of three living in Cumbria with my husband in our ‘mad’ house full of fun and shenanigans! We have two teenage daughters and a four year old son so there is always plenty going on!


When I’m not blogging my hobbies include (but are not limited to), picking up shoes dangerously left at the bottom of the stairs, clearing up everyone else’s mess and going to the loo with an audience!

As a family we enjoy day’s out exploring new places to visit and eat which we are hoping to share here with our own honest reviews . I personally have a massive passion for Christmas, reading and finding a bargain so there will be plenty of posts about those too along with anything else I hope will hold your interest including our day to day parenting challenges. We hope you will enjoy reading about the Fraser’s!

Blogs are posted Sunday, Thursday and Friday so be sure check out our latest posts!

I also blog on a regular basis at The Socialite UK a fantastic online lifestyle magazine with a whole host of writers across the UK.


You don’t have to be crazy….   but it helps !!