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Festive Traditions – Board Games

During the Christmas period one of our family ‘traditions’ is to play board games. We all love to play games together, but during regular weeks it just seems that we are so pressed for time this falls by the way side. We usually invest in a new game every year and of course there are always some favourites that make an appearance too. So I thought we would share five of our favourite games with you.


Everyone’s favourite game is Monopoly and I’m sure we aren’t alone in whipping it out over Christmas. A couple of years ago we invested in the electronic (more up to date) version of the game despite being initially reluctant as nothing beats the original. With this edition you have cash cards instead of money which is a great idea as you have less fiddly bits and therefore less chance of losing things! The game of course is exactly the same, but if you choose this edition a word of warning make sure you have a trustworthy banker as I’m sure the kids cheat when adding money to the cash cards!!!!



This is another classic for me and I have great memories of playing this with my family when I was younger! I know recently they have brought out a new up to date version of Cluedo but we still have the good old fashioned one – not sure if I would like the characters renamed. I love this game as it really makes you have to think and it can get quite competitive in our house. A real classic family board game!

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We have only had this one a couple of years, but it is a fantastic game for all the family regardless of age and that’s why it has become a favourite for us. The idea of the game is so simple yet trying to get those little wooden blocks out with a steady hand becomes the most difficult thing on earth when you’re under pressure! Again another competitive one, but what’s Christmas without a little family competition?


5 Second Rule

I bought this game as a Christmas Eve surprise last year and it is one that we have actually played a few times during the year with family and friends. The idea of the game is that you have to name three things from the topic given in the 5 seconds allowed – simple I hear you shout, I assure you it’s not. Your mind goes blank, you become tongue-tied and suddenly your brain decides to make you shout random things! This is a hilarious game and it has loads of different topic cards so you aren’t repeating topics. It comes with a board and the winner if the one that reaches the end first, however we have played just using the cards and it’s just as enjoyable.

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Not technically a ‘board’ game but definitely deserves a mention as its hours of fun. We have the real old school version as we have had it for years so doesn’t have any of the fancy moves some of the new ones do, but we twist it, bop it and pull it regardless! Again another one that looks and sounds simple, but is nothing of the sort. I’m particularly un-co-ordinated when it comes to this game which the family think is hilarious. Hours of fun in one little game here as it is so frustrating when you miss an action that you just have to keep trying again!

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What are your favourite games to play over the festive season?

4 thoughts on “Festive Traditions – Board Games

  1. Loved this post!! .<) and everyone started boo-ing and I couldn't hear the topic even when my mom repeated it twice because of all the chaos my family was making at that point. And I legit lost a round because I couldn't hear a topic for 5 seconds. 😀

    Jenga is probably the best! 🙂


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