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Hand Luggage Essentials

This time last week I was jetting off to Mallorca for a few sun-soaked days to celebrate my friends 40th Birthday. As holidays have a habit of doing my time flew past and before I knew it I was back home with my ‘Mummy Hat’ firmly on my head and reality hitting me square between the eyes! So, in an attempt to try and recreate that holiday vibe I thought I would share my hand luggage essentials with you all.

Passport and Tickets

If you are going abroad this is the most essential part of your hand luggage or I’m sorry to say your holiday will be a non-starter! I must admit I’m awful when it comes to continually checking to see if I still have them in my bag, panicking that they have dropped out in my hurry to get to the airport – please tell me I’m not alone!


Again, something you wouldn’t get very far without! Tip: ALWAYS change your currency before getting to the airport or resort as the exchange rates are never as competitive.

Phone and Headphones

Not many of us go anywhere without our phones nowadays so it almost goes without saying that it will be part of my hand luggage. Headphones are also a must for use whilst travelling and chilling on the beach so as not to annoy people around you whilst blasting out those Summer tunes – I just have to remember not to sing along!


Of course, I can’t go ANYWHERE without taking a book and on my most recent trip I took The Cheesemaker’s House* by Jane Cable. I’m thrilled to be involved in the 5th Birthday Celebration Book Tour for this novel in August so keep your eyes peeled for my review!


My eyes are extremely sensitive to light so I take my sunglasses everywhere all year round. I bought this pair last year in Next and they are really effective at keeping the sun out.


I’ve lost count of the number of times I have gone on holiday and needed a pen but haven’t even considered the need for one! Boring but useful I now always ensure I have a pen in my bag on every trip.


I think tissues have only become an essential since being a Mum as you never know when you will need to wipe a spillage or a snotty nose! It’s now just become habit having a pack to hand at all times even though on my most recent trip I didn’t have the kids with me.

Lip Balm

When travelling on an aeroplane I always ensure I have a pot of lip balm handy as the recycled air in the cabin plays havoc with my lips. Just applying a little mid-flight keeps them hydrated, preventing dry lips before they can make an appearance. My favourite at the moment is this Salted Caramel Flavour from Half Ounce – although their Gin & Tonic flavour is a close second!

Hand Gel

I openly admit I’m a clean freak! I can’t stand the thought of having dirty hands so always carry some antibacterial hand gel for those occasions when hand washing isn’t possible or when the soap dispenser is empty as I keep recently finding!


Not only handy for keeping your breath smelling tip-top they are perfect to suck on in case your ears pop on the plane.


I always make sure I have a bottle of water handy – purchased after clearing security of course. As I said before I find the air inside the plane so dry I must make sure I keep myself as well as my lips hydrated on the flight.

Personally, I would describe my hand luggage contents as boring but practical, which I guess is probably the perfect combo! What do you pack in your hand luggage? I would love to hear what you consider essential when you take a trip, feel free to drop me a message below and let me know.

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3 thoughts on “Hand Luggage Essentials

  1. OMG! 😮 Such a cute bag Mel! I’ve been looking for one simpler for my summer adventuring days, I simply love black lol. ALL very important pieces to have with on the go…lol esp a book so you can block out people when you’re on a long ride :’) And dude are your headphones new? Because if not I can never get my back in the case or found without being tangled lol. Great post hun!

    xx Lena |

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