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Pamper Night In With Seatox Seaweed Skincare

It’s Friday, the Weekend is within touching distance and if you are anything like me you’ll want to make a little time for a spot of relaxation after a long week! Well that’s exactly what I did last Weekend with a little help from Seatox Seaweed Skincare. I was  kindly sent me a package of their products to road test, however there is so much to share about Seatox that just a straightforward review. So, sit back, grab a brew and have a read all about this inspiring company and the benefits their products offer.

Seatox is the brainchild of Irish gal Tess O’Shea who set herself a mission to discover alternatives to chemical filled beauty products that adorn the shelves. With many products filled with toxic chemicals, Tess’ vision was to find a natural, vegan product that could be utilised instead. Having grown up in a rural area on the West Atlantic coast of Ireland she was familiar with the foraging of seaweed which has been happening in that area for centuries and from there is was a natural leap for her to use this locally sourced natural product to create her own products. Seatox was born!

Seatox is truly an environmentally friendly focused company who ensure their ingredients are sustainability harvested and use 100% recyclable and re-usable packaging for their products. All products are 100% natural, organic and vegan  plus it goes without saying cruelty free.

Not only that Tess’ motto is that “what you take from nature you must put back” which is why £1 from each pack purchased is donated to marine conservation projects. Donations are currently being sent to Seal Rescue Ireland who help rehabilitate sick and injured seals.

Seaweed has been used for centuries for many different purposes and it’s easy to see why it’s ideal for use in beauty products when you consider it’s benefits:

  • Exfoliates and cleans the skin
  • Anti-ageing – helps with collagen production and has skin renewing properties
  • Detoxes from harmful pollutants 
  • Hydrates and moisturises
  • High in retinol – this helps stimulate the production of new skin cells
  • Brightens skin
  • Anti-inflammatory – can help with acne, eczema ad other skin problems 

Seatox currently produce two products; Selkie Smooth Seaweed Bath Soak and Kelp Help face mask powder and I was lucky enough to be sent both which enabled me to endulge in a relaxing pamper session!

“Seatox Seaweed is sustainably harvested on the west coast of Ireland. The seaweed is wild, organic and picked by hand.”

So, What did I think?

Selkie Smooth (100g) £6.95

I’ll admit I haven’t used anything like this before so when I opened the packet I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it, it’s basically de-hydrated seaweed! Nevertheless I ran my bath and followed the instructions, adding the product to my bath along with a drop of essential oil – I used Lavender to help me unwind! Once in, I squeezed the natural gels from the seaweed all over my skin and simply lay back and relax to allow the powerful minerals to do their thing! I felt completely relaxed and if I closed my eyes I could even imagine I was at a spa having a special treatment!

This product is filled with natural anti-oxidants ideal to detox your skin as you relax and it certainly did that as my skin felt amazing afterwards, Soft, smooth and visibly glowing. Once used you can leave the seaweed to dry out and it can be re-used a couple of times which is amazing and offers real value for money.

” Kelp is bursting  with vitamins and minerals from the sea. The high content of retinol and magnesium in Kelp makes it one of the best skincare ingredients in the world!”

Kelp Help (100g) £8.95

I couldn’t wait to use this powder to create my very own face mask and decided to combine it with my relaxing seaweed bath for a double whammy! To make my mask I used a heaped teaspoon of the powder mixed with 4 tablespoons of warm water and a tablespoon on coconut oil. The warm water helps to re-hydrate the Kelp which made a thick paste before I added the oil. I chose coconut oil as I love the smell however there are so many other oils and gels that can be added.

It took me a while to get the consistency right, it may even have been a little on the runny side but it still did the job! I’m not sure I got it very evenly distributed on my face, but with some trial and error I’m sure I will have cracked it when I use it again!

I left it on quite a while as I relaxed in my detoxing bath before washing it off with warm water. My face looked and felt AMAZING, better than any other face mask I have used before! It felt soft and my skin looked radiant and plumper, if that’s even possible!

The pack contains loads of powder to make plenty of masks as you only need such a small quantity at a time- the Seatox website recommends not using more than 5g a week.

I absolutely loved both products, my skin has never felt better and I’m a real Seatox convert! I can’t wait to give the face mask another go and hopefully improve my mixing skills!

Both products would make ideal gifts or stocking fillers and I feel they offer fantastic value for money, especially when you consider you are making a much needed donation to help preserve our marine life when you make a purchase.

If you fancy trying these amazing products for yourself  Fraser’s Fun House readers will receive a 10% discount using BLOGGERGIFT  at the checkout when making a purchase from the Seatox Website.

You can find out more about Seatox products on Facebook and Instagram.

5 thoughts on “Pamper Night In With Seatox Seaweed Skincare

  1. Thinking about sitting in a bath of seaweed makes me feel a bit squiffy, but also I strangely really want to? I love the feeling of seaweed against my skin, and I think a hot bath would be better than a cold sea haha./


  2. Oh wow, what lovely products! I’m not sure how I’d feel about floating in a bath of seaweed but if the benefits are as good as you say then I think it’s something I need to try too. And that’s the best recommendation of a face mask I think I’ve ever read. How wonderful that Tess gives back to marine conservation projects – we love seals, we saw some in Cornwall a while ago. Fab review, Mel, thank you for sharing 🙂 xx

    Lisa |


    1. Thanks for reading Lisa! I’m completely in love with these products the face mask in particular! The seaweed did get a little tickly, esp when I had my eyes closed and kept forgetting it was in there! Highly recommend giving the products a try !


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