Blog Tour: Olga’s Heavenward Dream Movie Cast Revealed

It’s my first time organising a blog tour and of course it goes without saying that as a blogger myself I just had to get involved too! So today’s post is my very own dedicated stop and having already shared my review I wanted to do something completely different.

When I first read Heavenward my immediate reaction was it would make a fabulous movie, it has all the components to be a blockbuster! Over time I have thought long and hard about who I would personally pick to play the lead roles and still haven’t created a trio I’m entirely happy with. It’s this conundrum that lead me to get chatting with author Olga and ask if she had given much thought to her dream cast. Needless to say she too had already meandered down the same thought path and already had her ultimate dream team lined up. So who would she chose to play her fictitious creations in the Heavenward movie? Here’s Olga’s answers……..

Ariel played by Dakota Fanning

I first saw her in the “War of Worlds” and loved her genuine performance. Her acting in “Secret life of bees” just blew me away, so when I was asked who I would like to see to be cast as Ariel, I say Dakota Fanning, especially the way she looked and the charred character she played in 2016 movie “American Pastoral”.

I love that raw honesty in her. When she plays a broken or damaged character I always believe her and, not only physically she looks like I’ve always imagined Ariel, but she’ll be able to show Ariel’s broken soul like nobody else.

Sam played by Charlie Hunnam

He is “Sam” – through and through. Everything from his blonde locks to that charming smile, which lifts a corner of his lips.

Charlie Hunnam is Sam, but more precisely when Charlie played Jax Teller in “Sons of Anarchy” – that was Sam. So I even would go as far as to say that Jax Teller is Sam!

Blonde long hair, stunning body, arrogant swagger and constant flirting with danger, while everyone around him knowing that he is the danger – that is Sam!

Rafe played by Iwan Rheon

I liked him in Misfits, but for me he really became an unstoppable powerful force, when he played a psychotic Ramsay Bolton in “Games of Thrones”. I felt that the character he built, out shined many main characters. He was memorable, viewers hated him with passion and I loved him for that. But then last year I saw him in “Riviera” – I was astounded again. I didn’t expect to see so many facets, so many characters in one person, in one actor. With every new role he delivers, he wins my heart over again.

Dark hair, shy smile, yet steely character behind the calm façade – I think that man would be a perfect cast for Rafe.

I actually think Olga’s choices are nailed on! I can see these three fabulous actors filling the roles of Ariel, Sam and Rafe perfectly! If you’ve already read Heavenward please do let me know what you think of Olga’s choices and if you have someone different in mind please let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear your opinions.

If you haven’t already had the pleasure of reading the book everyone’s talking about then you can claim your FREE e-copy of Heavenward by signing up to The Celestial Creatures Club. Don’t forget to pop back and share your dream cast once you’ve finished reading!

Don’t forget to check out the reviews and exclusive content being posted daily throughout the Tour.

11 thoughts on “Blog Tour: Olga’s Heavenward Dream Movie Cast Revealed

  1. What an awesome post. I already read your review so this is a great idea. Could I maybe pinch it for a different book?
    I love Rhys. He plays Ramsey so revoltingly well (I’m just on season 7) and Misfits is such an underrated show. Xx


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