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Paperscapes Series: Books For Inquisitive Kids To Devour

Kids are like sponges, absorbing every new experience and snippet of information they discover and are constantly learning as a result. As a self-confessed bibliophile it’s no surprise that I love to share books with the kids to help them expand their ever-growing knowledge as they are an absolutely amazing resource for learning. Over the years we have built up quite a library of non-fiction, ‘fact’ style books that have been read and re-read more times than I can count. My eldest daughter went through a phase where all she would read was the book about sharks and her knowledge on the subject used to astound people everywhere we went! 

As Leo, my youngest child, has grown, so too has his thirst for knowledge and his capacity to remember random facts and figures is just mind blowing. He loves to learn and it’s something I’m keen to nurture whilst that spark of excitement is still shining bright. The lovely folks at Carlton Books recently contacted us to ask if we would like to receive a set of their books and once I spied the titles I knew they would be right up Leo’s street. 

We were sent four of their Paperscapes range of hardback, non-fiction books; The Incredible World of Bugs*, The Spectacular Journey into Space*, The Amazing World of Animals* and The Fearsome World of Dinosaurs*. These titles literally could have been made especially with Leo in mind as he loves everything to do with animals, creepy crawlies and dinosaurs. His latest fascination though is with space – he knows way more about it than me at age five and even has space bedding covered with facts and figures! 

The books themselves are amazing quality with thick sturdy card pages that are obviously designed to withstand plenty of flipping back and forth. Plus each page has a press-out section which allows you create a unique art book filled with shaped images – Leo wasn’t keen on pressing out the images in our books as he wanted full pages, but I’ll keep trying to convince him! 

Each page has a small paragraph and several clearly set out must-know facts and figures. They also all have wonderfully bright illustrations that have amazing detail that Leo loved – especially the creepy crawlies despite Mummy not being very keen!  

The books are perfect for dipping in and out of or for looking up information when your child asks one of those tricky questions you don’t know the answer to! Leo and I have really enjoyed pouring over the myriad of information contained within the book’s pages. Leo has already learnt so much from having them for a short period of time and his not the only one, Mummy has learnt plenty too! – Did you know because there is no air on the moon meteoroids crash into its surface without burning up?? – neither did I until now! 

These books are absolutely fabulous and ideal to help feed inquisitive young minds. I know they will certainly be getting a lot of use in our house in years to come, both for pleasure and also for help with homework which they are also perfect for. Personally I love to gift books as opposed to toys and these will defiantly be on my shopping list next time I need  to purchase a kids present

*This post contains affiliate links
**We were sent these books in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own

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