Gardening: Should I Install A Decorative Fence?

AD | When choosing fencing it is common to look for tall, solid designs that will secure the boundaries of your property and provide extra privacy. However, have you considered a decorative fence?

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Decorative fence panels offer a unique fencing solution to any property. As well as offering the usual benefits of security and privacy, decorative fencing offers additional functionality and style. Decorative fencing can be used to creative attractive borders, screen off sections of a garden or, when combined with trellis, used to display beautiful climbing plants.

There are a number of traditional and contemporary decorative fence designs available including…

Sussex Wave

The Sussex Wave design is a very popular decorative fence option. With its elegant wave of trellis at the top, to the solid, ornamental slats below, this fencing makes an attractive border to any property. These fence panels are ideal for terraced houses or adjoining gardens because this beautiful woodwork can be seen from both sides of the fence.


This decorative fence panel, with slatted topper and smooth-planed finish is extremely sturdy and adds a contemporary style to any garden boundary. Its double sided design means the panel is equally as attractive from both sides of the fence, plus the added trellis allows more light to travel through the fence and into your garden.

Double slatted

This contemporary double slatted fence panel is constructed from solid wood, yet remains simple and elegant. The clever design of this decorative garden fence allows light to gently pass through, whilst maintaining your privacy. This type of fencing is perfect for sectioning off or framing a garden, whilst creating a modern landscape design.

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So, if you would like to create a feature out of your fencing, whilst maintaining your privacy and security, then decorative fencing could be just what you are looking for…!

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2 thoughts on “Gardening: Should I Install A Decorative Fence?

  1. I believe that all fences should be decorative as well as functional! We’ve got a horizontal fence and I love the unique design touch it adds to our yard, plus it adds privacy and protection! Win-win!


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