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Education: Is Technology Beneficial In The Classroom?

AD | Many of our lives revolve around technology. From games and entertainment, to communicating with friends, smart devices and computers have become second nature to the younger generation.

This advance in technology has had an impact on today’s education and teaching methods. Teachers can now enhance learning by incorporating these popular, everyday devices into the classroom. 

Technology can encourage pupils to remain engaged and it can also help to prepare them for higher education and future careers.

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To help us learn more about why technology in the classroom is so important, Oaks International School have put together the following benefits…

Improves engagement

Technology provides many fun and enjoyable learning opportunities, from games to virtual tours and podcasts. Technology can help students to feel more engaged in what they are learning and take more of an interest in the subjects they are studying at school.

Encourages individual learning

We all have different learning styles and different abilities. Technology provides a way for everyone to learn in their own way and at their own pace. For example, students can use online courses to learn individually and repeat information or skip ahead where necessary.

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Encourages collaboration

Students can develop their collaboration skills by using a number of online activities. For example, they can use various online learning resources and collaborate with others on shared projects. Technology can also be used to communicate with fellow pupils, inside and outside of the classroom or even with other classrooms around the world.

Sets them up for the future

By using technology in the classroom, students can develop many essential life skills that will help them to be successful in the future. Technology can help students to develop many practical skills, including creating presentations, writing emails and graphic design.

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