Parenting: Helping Students Dealing With Results Day Nerves

AD |With results day just over a month away, apprehension is not an unusual emotion for students. Waiting to find out their grades is certainly stressful, which is why a private senior school in Surrey have put together the following advice to help students deal with their nerves so that they don’t manifest into something more serious. 

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First of all, it’s important for students to accept their emotions and avoid bottling them up or ignoring them. If your son or daughter is feeling nervous, the best thing to do is let them know that they can talk to someone about it, whether that be yourself, other family or someone else entirely. It’s likely that most of their classmates are feeling just the same so let them know that they shouldn’t feel embarrassed about their emotions.

No matter how your child does on results day, they will always have options. Help them prepare a backup plan with regards to how they will proceed should they not get the grades they were hoping for. There will always be a university or employer that will accept them, even if it’s not their first choice.

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Keeping an open mind about your child’s future also means trying not to put too much pressure on them. Of course, it’s fantastic to motivate them and encourage them to do well, but if you expect absolute perfection all the time, your child with be more nervous before the day, and they’ll also be upset after. In other words, be realistic with your expectations. 

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Make sure your child eats well and get enough rest in the run-up to results day. This will help them maintain a positive mental attitude with regards to the whole situation. On the day, it’s a great idea for them to pick up their results in person because if they have any enquiries, the teachers will be able to offer their support. 

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