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Parenting: Should My Child Learn An Instrument?

AD | Lots of parents are torn when it comes to their kids having music lessons. While we all love the idea of having a child prodigy – the next Beethoven – it’s often more expensive than we first expected and doesn’t always come naturally to every child. For those of you who are on the fence, an independent school in Surrey have put together the following advantages of children learning instruments to help you decide.

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Research has shown that when kids learn an instrument, their overall academic performance also improves. Translating notes and counting rhythms is great for both reading comprehension and maths. Since listening is a crucial skill when learning an instrument, children who take music lessons are also better listeners all round. Generally, musical activities are proven to enhance brain function.

Responsibility and persistence are other important skills developed when a child learns an instrument. They have to practise on a regular basis, whilst also taking care of their instrument and their music books. Even in the beginning when they’re not very good, they have to persevere and keep trying until they become a pro.  This also requires patience, another useful life skill which doesn’t always come naturally to people. Your child might even end up as part of a band which will improve their social and emotional skills. 

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Generally, when a child takes part in an extra-curricular activity they develop self-confidence. When they successfully learn to play a song, they are left feeling accomplished and proud. Music is a great way for children to express themselves and unleash their creative side, helping them to relieve stress and tension. With all this in mind, it’s worth exposing your child to music as early as possible so that they can reap the benefits throughout their childhood. Just make sure it’s actually something they want to do and let them pick the instrument, otherwise they won’t want to practise and you’ll end up wasting your money!

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