Book Review: The Nightjar By Deborah Hewitt

Today I’m absolutely thrilled to be sharing my review of The Nightjar by Deborah Hewitt which is due for publication tomorrow! I’m sure you’ll agree that the cover is absolutely stunning and it’s been calling to me from my TBR pile for ages as it patiently waited for me to motor my way through the huge stack! Thanks go to Jamie-Lee Nardone and Pan Macmillan for sending me an ARC copy.

About The Book

To achieve the incredible she must attempt the impossible

All her life, Alice has been haunted by visions of birds. But when the mysterious Crowley appears at Alice’s door, he reveals she’s been seeing nightjars – the miraculous birds which guard our souls. And a shadowy faction wants to use her rare gift to hunt the magically gifted.

Forced to go on the run, Alice follows Crowley to an incredible alternate London, to hone her talents. But can she trust him? Alice must risk everything as she navigates a dangerous world of magic, marvels and death cults.


Alice spent her childhood trying to convince herself the birds she regularly saw were nothing but hallucinations and thankfully with some help she ‘grew out’ of it. That is until the day she receives a mysterious package which kick starts a series of strange events culminating in her best friend laying in hospital seriously injured.

Absolutely distraught Alice is persuaded by dark, mysterious stranger, Crowley to leave London behind for her own safety and finds herself whisked away to The Rookery; an alternative London. It quickly transpires that Alice is the only one able to save Jen’s life and that to do so she will have suspend disbelief and risk everything in a fight to keep her loved ones safe. With conflicting advice at every turn Alice has no idea who to trust in the new magical world she has been thrust into; all she knows is she MUST do all she can to save her friends life.

This book had me hooked from the word go thanks to Deborah’s beautifully written prose that created such a realistic, believable yet unique world. I really enjoy fantasy books that have a real-life backdrop or that involve ‘human’ characters as it makes the whole story that much more tangible and The Nightjar certainly fits into that category.

The magic system in the book isn’t too complicated but I really enjoyed the connections to Finnish Mythology that were cleverly weaved throughout. What really made this book for me were the realistically flawed characters whose human traits still managed to come to the fore despite their magical abilities. Whilst Alice often finds herself in dangerous situations thanks to her over zealous personality and her will to dive headlong into things, I loved that her decisions were always made from the heart with the best intentions, which only endeared her to me more.

The story line is unique with a multitude of plot surprises along the way that I just didn’t see coming. I found this novel an absolutely compelling read that I just couldn’t put down and I really hope there is to be a follow up book as the ending was left open to future possibilities – I’d be first in line for a copy if there is.

Once I finished reading I discovered that The Nightjar is actually Deborah’s debut novel which shocked me as her writing style so accomplished with such a strong and complex plot worthy of a more seasoned author. I will certainly be watching out for any future releases from this author as I loved every second of this book ; it’s a five star read which comes highly recommended by me.

About The Author

Deborah lives in the UK, somewhere south of Glasgow and north of London. She’s the proud owner of two brilliant boys and one very elderly dog. When she’s not writing, she can be found watching her boys play football in a muddy field, or teaching in her classroom. Occasionally she cooks. Her family wishes she wouldn’t. The Nightjar is her first book


The Nightjar is available to purchase now from Amazon*

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**We were sent an ARC copy of this book in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own

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