Helping Your Child Prepare For The School Bus

When it comes to your child’s first ride on the school bus, they may feel a little apprehensive – and so might you! By talking to your child about what to expect and getting them familiar with their new routine, you can help to make their journey more fun and exciting.

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If your child will soon be taking the bus to school, here are a few tips from Prospect House School to help them prepare…

Talk To Your Child

Your child might be worried about travelling to school without you. It is important to discuss their concerns and address each one individually. Let them know that there will always be an adult on board to look after them.

Plan Ahead

Find out exactly where the bus stop is and visit it before your son or daughter begins their new school route. This will ensure you know your exact journey time to the bus stop to avoid being late. A visit to the bus stop will also help your child to familiarise themselves with the area and feel more comfortable. Some schools arrange an introductory visit from the school bus operators, to allow first-time riders a chance to board the bus and ask the driver questions. Ask at your child’s school if this is an option.

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Explain Safety Rules

It is important to explain to your child the basic safety rules for travelling on a bus. These include wearing a seatbelt, staying seated when the vehicle is in motion and talking quietly. It is also important that your child is aware of ‘stranger danger’ and knows about road safety, especially if they will be walking home from the bus stop.

Travel Buddies

Having a friend sit with your child on the bus may help them to feel more relaxed about travelling without you. Speak to the teacher and see if they have organised a ‘travel buddy’ system. You may be able to find out in advance who they will be pared with, or arrange for a particular friend to sit with them.

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