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Exploring The Safe Use Of Technology With Your Child

As parents it can feel daunting to know how best to work and support your child to help keep them safe online.  A leading, Independent Preparatory School, in Kingston Upon Thames, gives the following advice when exploring safe use of technology with your child…

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The most effective way to get involved with your children and their lives online is by taking an interest in what they are doing online. However, take care not to do this in an intrusive fashion so they become secretive but do this by creating a culture within your home which maintains an open dialogue about what you all as a family enjoy and use the internet for. The best way of doing this is through discussion and by maintaining an open dialogue. This will help you as parents to help your children stay safe online and help them get the most out of the amazing resources the internet has to offer. 

Why not try these 5 conversation starters:

  • Speak to your child about what websites they like to visit and what they enjoy doing online.  
  • Talk to them about how they stay safe online. Ask them what tips they have for you and ask them about what is OK to share and what is not OK to share?
  • Speak to them about what they would do if they were worried and who they would speak to for help? Do they know how to report or block on the apps they like using? Do they know about privacy settings?
  • Share your online experience; ask them to show you how to something better online.
  • Think about how you use and enjoy the internet as a family. How else could you use the internet together and further enjoy your lives online?
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Finally, why not create a family agreement that clearly sets out when it is appropriate to be online, what to be online for and for how long.  This will help create boundaries for all members of the family. Remember if your child sees positive online and internet usage being adhered to by their parents, then it is highly likely that your children will develop an understanding and respect for the importance of the family agreement. 

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