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What Is The Purpose Of School Uniform?

There are lots of reasons why students are obliged to wear uniform, in addition to creating an element of identity for the school. They show that the students are part of a greater whole, giving them a sense of belonging and pride. Most schools in the UK require their students to wear a uniform, including Cokethorpe School, a co-educational school in the Cotswolds.

Although you might have to pay a visit to a school uniform shop, it will be worth it for the many benefits that come with wearing a uniform. There are often payment systems in place to help parents spread out the cost rather than pay in a lump sum, as this can be quite costly. What’s more, one uniform is probably far more cost efficient than having multiple different outfits for each day.

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First of all, school uniform ensures that all students are dressed smartly so that they represent the school in an acceptable manner. It will help them prepare for their future when they might have to wear a suit to work. School uniform can be less distracting so it allows students to focus on the lesson at hand, rather than what their peers are wearing. 

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Arguably one of the most important benefits of a school uniform is that it eliminates bullying and peer pressure. Students don’t have to worry about what their friends are going to think about what they’re wearing or try and keep up with the latest trends. When everyone is dressed the same, being judged on your fashion choices isn’t an option. In the US where most schools don’t have a uniform to adhere to,, lots of children have poor attendance due to anxiety over being attacked based on their clothing. 

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