Parenting: Top Tips For A Smooth Sailing Morning Routine

Hitting the snooze button too many times, a mad hunt for missing school shoes, last minute lunch boxes – Does your school-morning routine go something like this?

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Trying to get your children to school on time can feel like a losing battle. However, by making a few simple changes to your current routine, you can help to make your mornings go a little smoother.
Read on for some top tips from Bassett House School

  • Getting your children to go to bed at a sensible time will help them to wake earlier in the mornings and give you more time to get ready. In addition, when your children are well rested they will wake up feeling more refreshed and happy, instead of tired and grumpy.
  • In the evenings, it is a good idea to try and prepare as much as you can for the next morning. This will really help to make your mornings feel less stressful and more organised. Lay out school uniform, prepare lunch boxes and check school bags for any letters from the school about upcoming events.
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  • Set your alarm to wake you at least half an hour before your children get up. This will give you time to enjoy a cup of coffee in peace, before the chaos begins! Getting up early will also give you extra time to get yourself ready and do any last minute jobs.
  • If your children require additional encouragement in order to get to school, you could try using a reward chart. Include ‘getting to school on time’ as one of their tasks and when this has been achieved you can add a tick. Give them an incentive, such as a treat at the weekend if they have good punctuality all week.
  • Television, iPads and smartphones can all be a major distraction for children when they are getting ready for school.  These devices should not be switched on until your child is fully ready (this could be used as an incentive!). Providing there is enough time, you could allow your child to watch their favourite channel or play a game for a short period, before they leave for school.
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