Book Review: Crane Fly By Kelly-Marie Pollock

**We were gifted an e-copy of this book in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own**

If you are a regular reader of Fraser’s Fun House I’m sure you will have heard me talk about The Nova Morgan Chronicles Trilogy by Kelly-Marie Pollock before. With the first two instalments on the series, Cherry Nova and Death Bringer, already released and positioned high on my favourite ever books list I had been eagerly awaiting the conclusion to this epic vampire story, however Kelly-Marie had a little something extra up her sleeve! Crane Fly is a short novella set in the Nova Morgan world and follows a different perspective running alongside the same timeline of Death Bringer and is released today. Thank you to Kelly-Marie for gifting me an ARC copy of this book and I’m thrilled to be able to share my full review in today’s blog post.

About The Book

All Bucky O’Dare has ever wanted is an easy life. But after meeting fiery red-headed vampire, Nova Morgan, he realises his life will never be the same again.

The world of the Inflicted Kin is full of darkness, something Bucky is becoming increasingly more aware of, especially after the charred corpse of local Brothel Madam – Lady Jaine turns up complete with a shiny dagger lodged in her chest.

Bucky realises there’s a new player in town, one who may just make Soul seem saintly.

With Nova and Ruth off world, it’s down to him to unravel the mystery and figure out who is killing off the local working girls and why.

But Bucky is treading a dangerous path, one that may just see him end up as another stiff on the morgue table.

For the wrath of the wicked is nothing compared to the wrath of a vengeful brother.

Content Warning; Contains Profanity, violence, Prostitution, Drug References and Torture.

Crane Fly: A Nova Morgan Novella by [Kelly-Marie Pollock]


Nova and her inflicted crew have headed into the dangerous, magical world of Hindra in an attempt to rescue their kidnapped friend and save the lives of the rest of their kind, but what’s happening back in London?

Bucky has been tasked with holding things together back in London, but he is missing best friend Nova as well as his witch lover Ruth and it isn’t too long before he takes his eye off the ball.  Trying to look after the inflicted left behind, holding down a job and pining for his friends he seems to spend more and more time drinking. But when a new club opens and a spate of murders occur he knows he needs to pull himself together. Deciding to turn detective Bucky finds himself drawn deeper into the dark underworld of London to discover the identity of the killer, but has he gotten in over his head this time?

Crane Fly is a story I’ve been so excited to immerse myself in and it exceeded my exceptions and then some! Firstly, I must point out that it is vital to have read the previous books in this series before enjoying Crane Fly as it will be make little to no sense otherwise.

This book follows side character Bucky who was prevalent in Cherry Nova and less so in the sequel Death Bringer, however he is a character I fell in love with and one I’ve been keen to read more of. Crane Fly gave me exactly what I hoped for throwing me back into the dark, brooding and atmospheric backdrop of London, with plenty of mystery and secrets in the mix. It’s a fairly short read ( as novellas are), but the pacing is amazing with Kelly-Marie’s writing hooked me immediately and as always left me wanting more.

I adored finding out more about Bucky and what makes him tick, and this action packed instalment provided me with the much needed interlude I craved ahead of the highly anticipated finale of The Nova Morgan Chronicles; Hindra’s Heroine. As always with Pollock’s books she has left this one on a huge cliff edge, meaning I have to endure a (hopefully not too long) wait to find out how things in Bucky’s London play out. I don’t want to say too much about the story here for fear of spoilers, however if you have read and enjoyed the previous books in this series Crane Fly is an absolute must-read. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of reading any of Pollock’s work I urge you to grab a copy, make a brew and snuggle down to enjoy – they are perfect for the Autumn months so what are you waiting for?

About The Author

Kelly-Marie lives in Dorset with her Husband Mitchell, four young children and menagerie of pets. She’d dreamt of being an Author from a very young age and her late Auntie Julie pushed her to follow her dreams. Kelly-Marie is  a stay at home Mother, full time carer and active Parenting and Mental Health Blogger, you can find her blog over at

Crane Fly is a short novella set in the world of ‘The Chronicles of Nova Morgan’ trilogy .. She has also released a book of poetry entitled Forever Blue.

Kelly-Marie Pollock Author Photo

Crane Fly is available to purchase now from Amazon*

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