Book Review: Halo By Olga Gibbs

**We were gifted an e-copy of this book in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own**

It’s hard to believe I’m writing this but today I am sharing my full review of the final book in the Celestial Creatures Series by Olga Gibbs. If you are a regular here at Fraser’s Fun House you will no doubt have read about my love for this wonderful Indie fantasy series which I have been avidly reading over the last few years and today all that is coming to an end.

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Before I share all the must know info and of course my thoughts on Halo I would like to take the opportunity to thank Olga for working with me over the last few years and of course for sharing her story with the world. I’d also like to thank my fabulous Blog Tour Squad for all their reviews and contributions over the years. Anyway enough waffle on to the main event ( and what I’m sure you are actually here for), my review.

About The Book

The stage is set. The armies are in their positions.

However, what Ariel had gathered hardly can be called an “army”, maybe a mob at a push, but it’s all she has. This handful of the fallen is her only chance for survival in the final battle.

The pages of the final book of the “Celestial Creatures” are full of betrayal, power struggle, the final battle, heartache and fulfilling one’s destiny: becoming the feared archangel, the sole ruler of Heaven.

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Ariel finds herself backed into a corner, powerless and at the mercy of her enemies with no way out in sight. But she is the all powerful Uriel now and nothing will stop her fighting until the end.

Trapped and in grave danger Ariel knows she needs to gather an army if she has any chance of fleeing back to Uras, but in the underbelly of Hell it’s slim pickings. Able to gather a motley crew of ‘fighters’ Ariel pushes ahead with her plan to leave despite Baza’s grave warning that she will die before he lets that happen. Will this final battle be the end of the Archangel Uriel or will her ill-equipped follows be able to defeat the powers of evil and  win their freedom?

It’s fair to say that Ariel has transformed from the naïve and scared teenager we first met in Heavenward into a fearless, savage fighter who has been forced to develop a ‘kill or be killed’ mentality. Throughout the series she has been battered and bruised both mentally and physically, the effects of which are clearly played out across every page of this last instalment. She began this series as an abused and forgotten teenager with a whole host of mental health issues and in Halo I felt it was clear to see the detrimental impact everything she has been through as an angel has had on her state of mind. Despite this her will and sheer determination to live and save her sister Jess means she continues to fight even with the very real expectation of losing.

There was plenty of character development within this book which I often find lacking in series’ finales and in this case not all of the good (in my opinion). Rafe has always been one of the characters I felt I could depend on having Ariel’s back, however in this book he seemed to undergo a dramatic change which I don’t think I saw coming. It’s certainly not written in a bad way I think I was just disappointed in him from a personal readers perspective as I was always #TeamRafe!

On the flip side I really enjoyed reading the relationship between Ariel and Jess, her sister. An ongoing theme throughout the series is her unending love, devotion and need to keep her sister safe. As her only remining family Ariel would lay herself on the line for Jess every time should she be asked and it’s truly heart-warming to see the bond between the two despite Jess’ predicament – no spoilers you’ll have to read the books to find out!

Olga’s highly detailed writing style is back on top form for this book and drew me straight back into the story as if I had never been away. She has a unique skill that lets me feel, taste and see the world she has created clearly through her words, it’s something I have absolutely loved throughout the series. Halo is longer than the other three titles, however I still felt the pacing was perfect with plenty of action and drama throughout and no boring lulls along the way.

I went into this final (sob) instalment of the Celestial Creatures with no preconceived ideas about how things would play out and ultimately end and I’m glad I didn’t as I wouldn’t have been able to predict the rollercoaster I took! I spent the whole time reading this writhing in my seat, rooting for Ariel and often shedding a few tears along the way. The end though completely broke me and I’ll happily admit it!

I’ve loved every second of my time spent in the fictional worlds that Olga has created and watching as her confidence and skill as an author has developed along the way until this absolutely epic conclusion. If you haven’t already started the Celestial Creatures and you love a dark, unique fantasy then I urge you to give this series a try. I’m sad that it has come to an end, but I’m excited to see what this author has in store for us next.

About The Author

Olga Gibbs lives in a leafy-green town, nestled amongst the green fields of West Sussex, England. She was writing from the age of fifteen, mainly short stories and novellas and was a guest columnist for a local newspaper. When she is not dreaming up new adventures for her imaginary friends, she does outreach work with teenagers.

She is currently writing the final books in the “Celestial creatures” series and another stand-alone psychological crime thriller.

Please visit author website for more information on upcoming books.

Author Links: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Goodreads | Amazon | Bookbub

Olga Gibbs

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