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AD | 5 Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day In Lockdown

**This post contains gifted items. All thoughts & opinions are our own**

Usually Valentine’s Day see’s every restaurant and romantic venue booked to capacity with couples everywhere using the day to show the one they love how much they mean. However in 2021 lockdown and Covid restrictions have other ideas and plans to leave the house to enjoy each other’s company have had to be put on hold. That doesn’t mean that you have to abandon your celebrations altogether though and in today’s post I have put together 5 ideas of how you can make your Valentine’s special from the comfort of your own home.

Plan A Movie Night

With everywhere closed and not much else to do now is the time to make the most of your subscriptions. Netflix, Prime and Disney+ all have a huge variety of shows and movies to suit every taste including plenty of ‘romantic’ watches. Having said that Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily mean you have to watch a romance film so if you prefer something else your sure to find it on one of the many streaming services on the market – We recently watched Songbird on Prime which a fictional futuristic look at how the Covid pandemic has changed the world which was an interesting watch!. All you need to make your cosy night in special is some snacks and your all set to enjoy some quality downtime together.

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Heat Things Up In The Kitchen

Instead of being waited on hand and foot in a posh restaurant why not take the opportunity to spend the time preparing and cooking a meal together. It could be a favourite dish that holds a special place in your heart; perhaps recreating what you ate on your first date or at your wedding reception ? How about trying something completely new or out of your cooking comfort zone and working together whilst having fun to (hopefully) make something tasty – there’s always beans on toast if it doesn’t go quite to plan!

What’s better to go with your carefully prepared meal than a glass of Champagne or Prosecco poured from your very own personalised bottle. Say It With Champers offer a range of Valentine’s themed personalised bottles that will perfectly compliment your special meal. Your own words and message can be added to both the bottle neck and main label with space for up to 4 lines giving you ample space to tell your loved one what they mean to you. They even have the option to design a photo bottle to add something extra special! With a secure, well packed 48 hour delivery too it’s never too late to order a bottle of something to make your Valentine’s meal go off with a bang!

Have A Virtual Party

Unfortunately you won’t be the only couple having to down scale your Valentine’s celebrations so why not arrange a virtual party with some of your coupled friends and family. There are endless possibilities to make a zoom party fun so why not challenge each couple to arrange a fun activity that everyone can participate in.  Some ideas include:

  • A Mr & Mrs style quiz
  • A Talent Show where each couple perform to earn scores from their fellow participants 
  • Learn A Skill – cocktail making, origami, a choregraphed dance etc
  • Karaoke

It may not be the intimate, romantic Valentine’s you’d usually plump for, but it will certainly be a fun way to spend the evening.

Get Your Game On

Why not spend the evening together playing board games? Grab some snacks, your favourite board games and what a great way to wile away a few hours whilst spending some quality time together! The choice of game is up to you; from Scrabble to Connect 4 or why not try out some of these fun couples games:

  • Talk, Flirt, Dare* – This fun game contains 150 cards in three categories; Talk Flirt & Dare. It looks great to prompt discussion and start conversations about a variety of topics between couples. Turn off your phones and go back to the ‘old fashioned’ form of communication … talking!
  • Mr & Mrs Pocket Edition* – I’m sure we are are familiar with the Mr & Mrs quiz and this pocket card game version is the ideal way to have some fun with your partner.
  • Nookii * – This more risqué game doesn’t come with a board…. instead your partners body becomes the board for you to work your way around!

Enjoy A Day Of Pampering

Instead of a day at an expensive spa why not create your very own at home? Grab your towelling robes and slippers for a day of relaxation and pampering that will cost you next to nothing. Grab some of those unused candles* and wax melts to create a serene environment to enjoy some face masks* while giving your feet a soak in some warm bubbly water – if you have a foot spa gathering dust at the back of the wardrobe now would be the ideal time to dig it out!

Also why not treat yourselves to some massage oils* and treat each other to a relaxing back, foot or hand massage to really recreate the luxury spa feel. Be sure you don’t forget to have some delicious snacks to hand alongside a glass of something to enjoy – Say It With Champers would be a wonderful treat to indulge in whilst unwinding!

What do you have planned for Valentine’s Day this year? I’d love to hear your lockdown celebration ideas!

*This post contains affiliate links

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