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Review: Toddler Fun Learning App

It’s that time of year again when travel is a hot topic, often striking fear into the hearts of those of us with young children at the mere thought of braving a journey more than ten minutes long! It can be hard to keep children amused during a long trip and there is definitely a… Continue reading Review: Toddler Fun Learning App

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Review: Read With Phonics Kids App

Parents of school age children will without a doubt be familiar with phonics that are used to help teach those all important sounds needed to aid reading, writing and spelling. I'll happily admit when my older girls started learning the phonics sounds way back in nursery I was pretty clueless as I don't remember being… Continue reading Review: Read With Phonics Kids App

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Educational Fun For Kids With Kidloland

It’s crazy how quickly technology has moved on and become such a huge part of our everyday life over just the last ten years alone. Rewind to when my teens were little and although I owned a mobile phone it was only really used for texting and calling, there weren’t any apps and games available… Continue reading Educational Fun For Kids With Kidloland