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Educational Fun For Kids With Kidloland

It’s crazy how quickly technology has moved on and become such a huge part of our everyday life over just the last ten years alone. Rewind to when my teens were little and although I owned a mobile phone it was only really used for texting and calling, there weren’t any apps and games available for kids like there are nowadays – I’m aware even saying that phrase makes me sound old! Whilst I’m not a massive fan of the kids, especially Leo, spending too much time using technology, I do understand it has a place when it comes to their learning and of course it’s vital they develop skills they will inevitably need in the future.

There are apps for anything you can think of available now and plenty that are specifically aimed at young children. One such app is Kidloland who recently contacted me to ask if Leo would like to try out their award-winning, kid-safe Children’s App.

The Kidloland app is aimed at children aged 5 & under and despite my initial worries it may be a bit on the young side for Leo who recently turned 5, I needn’t have worried. The app contains over 1000 activities, stories, games and songs, there is so much choice I think even the most avid app user would struggle to become bored! One thing all the activities on the app have in common though is that they are bright, colourful and eye-catching, ideal to help children stay engaged.

There are hundreds of catchy educational songs which are subtlety filled with information that kids will absorb without even realising it, plus a whole host of traditional nursery rhymes too. There is even a facility to make your own playlist of songs via the grown-up section of the app meaning you can keep all your child’s favourites in one place, ideal for on the go! Add to that heaps of stories and there is plenty to keep the little ones busy, however it’s the games that really took Leo’s imagination.

Leo’s favourite is the letters game where he needs to trace his finger over the letters in the correct shape. It’s perfect for him as he is currently working on this in school, so the game helps him to practise without it feeling like hard work. There are also plenty of activities and games that focus on phonics which is fantastic as early learning in this area helps to furnish kids with the building blocks needed when it comes to learning to read, something Leo has also made a start on at school.

The activities on the Kidloland app all have early learning skills cleverly woven into them to help children learn whilst they play including sequencing, problem solving and comprehension. Although aimed at preschool and early years age children I’m sure slightly older children like Leo would also get plenty out of it too. Leo has really enjoyed exploring all Kidloland has to offer and with new content being added every month there will always be something new for him to discover. It’s great too that content can be downloaded and utilised offline making it ideal for travelling to keep the kids busy.

From a parent’s perspective I really like the fact that Kidloland provides educational learning alongside fun as opposed to mindless games with no point that many other apps aimed at children offer. I recommend parents with young children give it a go and see what you think as we’ve really enjoyed discovering Kidloland.

The Kidloland app is FREE to download via Apple Store, Android and Amazon Appstore however to access full content you do need to subscribe. For more details on how to download and subscribe visit the Kidloland Website.

*We were gifted a Kidloland Subscription in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are our own.

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