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Our Top 5 Children’s Winter Read’s

Winter is my favourite time of the year, cold frosty weather, snow, dark nights and of course Christmas- I LOVE them all! My other huge passion is reading and this is something I have always actively encouraged my children to enjoy and participate in, so I thought why not combine the two and share with you our top five children’s Wintery books – although we do enjoy these year round!


Snow is my favourite and my best By Lauren Child

This book was a firm favourite when my teenagers were younger and I am so pleased that I kept all their books in the attic despite not anticipating having more children! Since being extracted from the dark depths of the loft it has been loved by the little one equally as much.

Featuring Charlie and Lola – always a great start having characters from CBeebies to draw the kids in! – it’s a fantastic story all about the fun and excitement a snowy day brings, but also talks about the disappointment when it sadly melts. Charlie takes his sister on an adventure to help explain why despite snow being her favourite and best she wouldn’t want it to snow every day. The illustrations of this book are amazing and really engage the kids – Leo especially likes the upside down page!


The Dinosaur that pooped Christmas By Tom Fletcher & Dougie Poynter

As a massive McFly fan the boys books were always going to be on my book shopping list for the kids plus knowing Tom also has a passion for Christmas I knew this particular offering wouldn’t disappoint ( Check out our review of There’s a Monster in your book by Tom too!)

This book tells the story of a greedy boy named Danny using wonderful rhyming verse. Instead of leaving more presents Santa decides to leave him a giant egg and before he knows it a dinosaur is on the loose causing all sorts of chaos and carnage. As the title suggests poop is also plays a huge part in the story and let’s face it kids LOVE talking poop so it’s always going to be a winner! Again the illustrations in this book are fantastic and really help bring the story to life.


Peppa’s Christmas Post – A piggy tale with real mail

Peppa has always been a favourite in our house, the girls loved it when it started back in 2004 and its popularity hasn’t waned even after all these years! We own a large number of Peppa books, but this is one of our favourites not just because it’s Christmas themed but it also contains lots of little extra surprises.

If you have a level of Peppa knowledge to enable it to be your specialist subject on Mastermind (like us!), you will quickly realise that the pictures used in this book are taken from a number of different episodes. To my knowledge the story isn’t an actual episode but this doesn’t detract in any way from the enjoyment – in fact it’s nice to have a new story! The book starts with poor Mummy and Daddy pig sadly injuring themselves leaving Granny and Grandpa Pig with all the Christmas preparations. Along the way there are little letters, an advent calendar, Christmas decorations to make and much more which just add extra excitement to the story. A fantastic book to read during December in the run up to Santa’s visit!


The Magic Sky By Lucy Richards

This is such a lovely story all about a little bear named Rory who doesn’t like going to bed early – so relatable! One night his Mum tells him all about the magic sky and that he will be able to stay up late to see it soon. We then follow him as he counts down the days until he can see the sky and see all of the fun he has in-between. However Rory does becomes quite impatient and decides to wander off by himself almost missing his opportunity to see the magic sky.

This is a lovely book for bedtime as the ending sees Rory exhausted by his experiences. The copy of the book we own is a board book that has wonderful glittery detail in it especially when they eventually visit the magic sky which gives it an added magical feel!


Little Robin Red Vest By Jan Fearnley

This definitely has to be my all-time favourite children’s book – and believe me we have hundreds! As well as being a wonderful story it has a powerful message about the true meaning of Christmas, which I think in modern times can sometimes be forgotten.

Little Robin is preparing for Christmas and like a sensible little bird decides to do his weekly wash making sure he has a clean vest to keep him warm every day. However each day he meets a friend who needs the vests much more than him and kindly gives them away until he is left on Christmas Eve alone and freezing cold a long way from home. Luckily for him a special passerby discovers him and rewards his generosity.

This is a lovely heart-warming story which combines the real message of Christmas with a wonderful story to explain how the Robin got his red breast.

We would love to hear about your favourite Winter and Christmas themed books in the comments below, we are always on the lookout for new ones!

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