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Easy Sweetpeasy Baking for kids ( and parents!)

I am the first to admit that my baking and cooking skills leave a lot to be desired so any shortcuts are welcomed with open arms. I discovered Sweetpea Pantry who offer a range of ‘ready mixes’ with a twist and was thrilled when they offered to send me a box to sample and review.


The company was created by Philippa and Tanya, two “time-pressed” parents who have made it their mission to create products for all us busy parents out there. All of their products are specifically designed to be nasties-free without compromising on flavour and texture.

They offer a range of different mixes from pizza & pancakes to flapjack & brownies, however I chose the Ginger Tickles Biscuit mix as we are all ginger biscuit fans – especially my four year old son who helped me make and sample them!

Leo couldn’t wait to get started !

The mixes offered by Sweetpea aren’t your average ‘ready to bake’ that are offered on every supermarket shelf, theirs offer an alternative with real nutritional value using wholesome and healthy ingredients. The Ginger Tickles we were sent contain no refined sugar, are high in fibre, dairy free, Non GM and suitable for Vegan’s. All of the boxes they sell are made right here in the UK too.

To make the Tickles we needed some store cupboard essentials to add to the mix – one egg white, 50g butter & 3 tablespoons of honey. They took approximately 20 minutes to prepare and mix with only 8 minutes in the oven at 180C, making them ideal for making with children – I found Leo’s attention span was about right.


They were very simple to make and smelt divine even prior to going in the oven. Leo decided to make little man, star and heart shapes and really enjoyed rolling out the mixture and cutting them out.

Once in the oven I had to bribe Leo to eat his lunch whilst they cooled and believe me I’m not sure he has ever eaten so fast! Cooked and cooled we both tried them and they were absolutely delicious – full of flavour and a lovely soft texture – I was actually impressed with myself and have to say they are obviously fool proof as I could burn water! LOL


These would be fantastic to make and decorate as a Christmas treat – ideal to keep the kids busy and occupied (for a while at least) in that hyper, excited few days in the run up to the man in the red suits arrival!

Sweetpea Pantry products can be purchased from Sainsbury’s, M&S Food and Ocado as well as their own online store Sweetpea Pantry and retail at £2.75 per box – although their online store also offers variety packs which work out slightly cheaper and give you a variety to try.

We received a sample packet in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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