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The Benefits Of School Trips

School trips are a great way to enjoy a unique learning experience outside of the classroom. Schools organise trips to support all kinds of subjects, such as geography, history and science, as well as languages. Parsons Green Prep School believes that school trips are an important part of children’s education. They have helped to put… Continue reading The Benefits Of School Trips

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Kids Half Term Halloween Crafts

It's half term and the struggle is on to find ways to entertain the kids without spending a fortune; well what better way to keep them busy than getting crafty! With Halloween just around the corner providing the perfect inspiration I thought I'd share some simple fun ideas that don't require you to break the… Continue reading Kids Half Term Halloween Crafts

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Blanket Fort Building With Time4Sleep

Regardless of your age there's nothing better than creating a special cosy space in which  to hide away from the world for a while, Be it a den built from sofa cushions, a fort built using foraged branches or a ready made pop up tent, creating a fort and personalising the space is an activity… Continue reading Blanket Fort Building With Time4Sleep

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Review: Toddler Fun Learning App

It’s that time of year again when travel is a hot topic, often striking fear into the hearts of those of us with young children at the mere thought of braving a journey more than ten minutes long! It can be hard to keep children amused during a long trip and there is definitely a… Continue reading Review: Toddler Fun Learning App

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Winter Fun With Weekend Box

Parent's will know that during the Winter months when the weather is undoubtedly abysmal, entertaining the kids during the weekend can be somewhat of a challenge. Unable and quite possibly unwilling to get outdoors it can be difficult to find something to keep them busy that doesn't involve staring at a screen for prolonged periods… Continue reading Winter Fun With Weekend Box

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Educational Fun For Kids With Kidloland

It’s crazy how quickly technology has moved on and become such a huge part of our everyday life over just the last ten years alone. Rewind to when my teens were little and although I owned a mobile phone it was only really used for texting and calling, there weren’t any apps and games available… Continue reading Educational Fun For Kids With Kidloland

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Review: Inspirational Children’s Wall Art From Edu Prints Plus

Recently we have been working our way through the house giving each room a makeover as we haven’t really done much since the initial decoration when we moved in 8yrs ago. Next on our list is the little man’s room as it definitely needs an update to change it from a nursery to a big… Continue reading Review: Inspirational Children’s Wall Art From Edu Prints Plus

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The Sunshine Blogger Award – Take Two

I was recently nominated for the Sunshine Blogger award and I’m sharing my response in today’s post. If you aren’t familiar with this style of blogger award posts then you are in for a treat. They are a fabulous was of discovering new blogs and finding out a bit more about the creators behind them… Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award – Take Two

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Review: Educational Family Fun With Weekend Box

The weekend has arrived, you’ve had a busy week at work and the kids have been at school so all you want to focus on is enjoying some quality family time – me too! As the weekend approaches I’m usually brimming with fantastic ideas for activities to enjoy with the kids, but often find myself… Continue reading Review: Educational Family Fun With Weekend Box