Aldi Winter Candle Review- Gift Idea!l

Everyone LOVES candles don’t they?? Well I definitely do although having a little one in the house again has meant that I don’t burn them as much as I would like to for safety reasons! There’s nothing better though than on a winter’s night shutting the curtains and lighting a candle to snuggle on the sofa in front of the TV.


I have quite a few summer scents at the moment so when I spotted Aldi had some new wintery scents in store I decided to give one a go. I haven’t purchased any candles from Aldi before but have heard some really positive things about them and for only £2.79 for a candle tin I thought why not!

The scent I selected was White Winter, it has a delicious almost fruity smell which when lit is strong enough to fill the room, but without being too overpowering.


The tin has a very classic, clean design and I love the simplicity of the labelling with the silver wording on white and the small silver snowflakes just compliment it perfectly giving it a lovely festive feel. It’s description is given as ‘beautiful & uplifting’ which was the reason I picked this scent over the others available as anything described as uplifting has to be a good thing, right?

Inside the candle has lovely raised diamond design with a hint of pink/purple, making it feel a lot more special and luxurious than the price suggests.


There isn’t an indication on the tin as to the number of burning hours to expect from this candle, but after burning it for a number of hours it has barely gone down.

I’m actually really impressed with this candle and wouldn’t hesitate to buy more from Aldi in the future. They would make fantastic stocking fillers for any candle lover or would make a great addition to a relaxation/pamper hamper for Christmas.


These retail at £2.79 each however you can buy a set of three mixed candles (Winter Nights, Velvet Rose and White Winter) for only £8.37 with FREE DELIVERY online here .

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