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Learning has never been more fun!

When Natasha Mockett from Write My Name asked if I would be willing to try and review their new personalised handwriting practice book it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. My son, Leo, had just turned four and despite having a little interest in writing beforehand as his birthday had approached he became more interested in writing with him beginning to write letters, numbers and words himself. I was therefore eager to try any new resource that could aid his learning and agreed we would give it a whirl.

Write My Name was created by Natasha as a result of her being unable to find a suitable framework for her 3 years old daughter Zariah as she began learning to write. Like many parents I have in the past for my older girls spent an age compiling words from small dots for them to join up and write letters and words, however Natasha’s brainwave now means that parents of the future no longer have to do this – thank you!

Each handwriting practice book is made to order for your child with a choice of six different cover colours, a font choice of either manuscript or cursive and finally my favourite photo personalisation not only on the cover but your child is featured on each and every page. We chose a blue cover with the manuscript font as I felt Leo would find it easier than the cursive starting out.

Inside the book you are introduced to the ‘writing buddies’ Wanda Write and Pencival Practice who feature on every page giving handy hints and tips as you work through the 18 progressive activities – Leo loved this and was keen for me to read each one before starting a page.


The exercise’s begin with basic line and shape practice before moving onto the child’s name the end goal being that your child is able to read, spell and write their own name. There are also dedicated pages for numbers and letters which are categorised by shape allowing the child to develop one skill at a time.


When our package arrived Leo couldn’t have been any more excited to see his cheeky face plastered on the front and couldn’t wait to begin! Having quickly mastered the lines and shapes he immediately recognised his name and despite being able to spell and write his own name already (he is lucky enough to have a pretty simple one!) he has only ever used capital letters which he wasn’t always drawing in the correct way. This book though is fantastic and has clearly numbered directions which have shown him the correct sequence in which to form each letter. The real bonus with this book is that being wipe clean Leo could draw and repeat as many times as he liked – which was a lot! –I would have had severe arm cramp had I had to spend that much time forming his name out of dots!

I really rate and would recommend The Write My Name book. It is something unique that I haven’t seen before and being personalised I think it helps engage and hold the child’s attention. I know Leo will continue to practice until he has mastered all of the letters and numbers as he is very keen and enthusiastic to keep trying. I am certain that when he starts school in September he will feel confident forming letters by himself with a lot of the credit being down to the help this product has given him.


The Write My Name personalised handwriting practice books come in either a downloadable format or can be purchased as a hard copy which we were sent. They also have bundle set available which contains a personalised book, a dry wipe pen, personalised certificate and reusable stickers all presented in a beautiful gift box which would make a wonderful gift.

We received a personalised copy of this workbook in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are our own.

To purchase your own Personalised book or to find out more about Write My Name please visit

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