Bad Taste Christmas Jumpers!

I’m not really sure when it suddenly became trendy to wear Christmas jumpers, but in the last few years it has become everyone’s staple must have wardrobe essential for the festive season. There are a vast variety of styles available from the classy and subtle to the bonkers ‘out there’ kind meaning there really is something for everyone.

Browsing the web recently I stumbled across a Christmas jumper that I literally made me do a triple take – I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing and it had me creased with laughter! It got me thinking about the hundreds (possibly thousands) of awful festive jumpers that are out there on the market so decided to search the web to find a selection of the worst, crazy, ‘out there’ ones on offer this year.

  1. The Donald Trumper Unisex jumper £32 from Not on the High Street

Whilst mildly amusing I do wonder who is buying this jumper? For me a Christmas jumper should at least be slightly Christmassy and plonking a Santa Hat on top of a picture of Trump grimacing simply doesn’t cut the mustard.

Buy Donald Trumper Jumper Here

  1. Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt £18.99 on Amazon

This jumper is the original inspiration for this feature which I have now developed a love/hate kind of relationship with. On one hand it is so tacky, but I can also see the real appeal of making a hilarious statement and standing out from the crowd. I would really struggle to have a conversation with anyone wearing one – it’s the bauble’s on the nipples that just make me chuckle.

You can buy your very own Bauble Nipple Jumper here!!!

  1. Sweet Mashup Unisex Tank Top £39.99 from Cheesy Christmas Jumpers

The name of the company says it all that they are all about the opposite of the run of the mill jumpers! They have a range of jumpers that could go either way depending on your taste, however for me the Sweet Mashup Tank Top is just a step too far. Despite the more traditional patterning the colour is so in your face – you definitely wouldn’t get lost in the dark wearing it.

Buy the Sweet Mashup Tank Here

  1. Your present is under the tree Jumper £17.00 on Ebay

Now I do happen to find this one hilarious but again I do wonder who is buying this to actually wear it in public? Guess it’s all down to personal taste and for which occasion you are buying it for – I would think that Christmas Day with the In-Laws might not be the most appropriate!

Click here to buy Present Under the Tree Jumper

  1. Dashing Theroux the Snow Jumper £19.99 on Amazon

Hat’s off to the makers of this one for the fantastic play on words however that’s all I can really say about this jumper. Of course it is the perfect gift for any Louis fan, but unless you know who he is (which I’m guessing there will be quite a few who don’t), the funny side of the joke is lost surely? Pretty dull in my opinion for a Christmas jumper too.

Buy Dashing Theroux the Snow Jumper Here

  1. Bad Santa long sleeved top £10.64-36.99 on Amazon

This one is definitely not for a family day with the in-laws! I’m guessing 50 shades may have had some inspiration for the design of this top and despite being what some would class as ‘bad taste’ I do actually think it’s really funny and could see it making a fantastic gift for your boyfriend or hubby as a laugh!

Buy Bad Santa Long Sleeved Top Here

Have you spotted any random Christmas Jumpers? Feel free to share your links below

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