Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

It’s finally here! That day we have all been preparing for and talking about for weeks has finally arrived and I hope you all have a wonderful day doing whatever makes you happy.

I’m sure all the Mum’s and Dad’s out there will have been up at the crack of dawn like us, but somehow at Christmas it just doesn’t seem as much of a chore. It’s so lovely to be woken by an excited child desperate to go downstairs and check if Santa has been and I know when my children have grown up I will miss it so I’m making the most of every second.

It’s just the five of us at home on Christmas day which is the way we like it! We open presents, have a bacon sarnies for breakfast and chill out playing with the toys Santa has left until the dinner is ready. It’ll then be more playing until we all try to cram even more food in for ‘tea’ before the little one heads off to bed exhausted and happy, leaving the rest of us to chill in front of the TV and enjoy some Christmas favourites (most probably stuffing our face with chocolates of some kind).

Hope your day is everything you hoped for and that Santa has been good to you 🙂



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