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Christmas Eve is here!

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!

We’ll make today’s blog short and sweet as I’m sure like us you’ll all be busy with last minute preparations and spending time with your loved ones. We thought we would share with you our usual Christmas Eve routine and we would love to hear what your routine and traditions are too so feel free to leave us a comment.

From a young age I always remember Christmas Eve being a very busy time in our house and it’s no different now I have my own family. Like my Mum I always cook my turkey on Christmas as Eve and prepare all the vegetables and trimmings to ensure that I’m not stuck in the kitchen all day on Christmas Day – I would much rather be spending time playing with the kids and spending time together as it’s one of the few days of the year we can guarantee we are all at home with no other plans! So inevitably the first part of my day is spent in the kitchen with the Christmas Playlist blaring and some (terrible) dancing and singing going on!

Whilst the turkey is finishing off in the oven I set to work making sure the house is clean and tidy- even though we spend the day at home just the five of us I like to make sure the house is sparkling. By 9am on Christmas morning though I am always wondering why I bothered as toys, gifts and wrapping paper are usually strewn everywhere and I could do with whipping the hoover out!

In the past few years we started a new tradition of Christmas Eve gifts- these are always new pjs for the kids and something for us to play as a family – usually a board game of some sort that we will play in the evening after tea. Tea is the final part of our Christmas Eve routine- a buffet. Having spent the best part of the day in the kitchen the last thing I feel like doing is slaving over a big dinner in the evening so the tradition of a buffet was born. This comprises of a mixture of fresh and frozen party type food scoffed in front of some festive TV. It’s a bit of a running joke about how much food I make and we usually have loads left over to stick in the fridge for the following days tea!
Of course we don’t forget to leave out some snacks for Santa and the reindeer before getting the little one bathed and into bed, then it’s operation Christmas. Having only just turned three last Christmas we were lucky that he went straight to sleep and it wasn’t long before the presents were under the tree and we could relax – just praying it’s the same tonight! Now the girls are teenagers it is nice to be able to get Santa duties out of the way and to bed at a reasonable time unlike years gone by when they have still been awake past midnight. I vividly remember the year they had a dolls house as a gift that we discovered needed to be built from scratch at midnight- that was a long night! The past few year the girls have been a massive help filling the Santa sacks and getting everything set up for the morning too.

Usually we end up staying up later than we should knowing that we will be up at the crack of dawn if not before, plus even as an adult I still find it difficult to sleep because of the excited anticipation.

So that’s our Christmas Eve in a nutshell! We would love to hear what you get up to or your plans are for today feel free to leave us a comment and let us know.

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