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Christmas Gifts

This has been my first Christmas blogging and I have seen lots of post-Christmas blogs about the gifts everyone received. I have really enjoyed reading them all so I decided to jump on the band wagon!

I received some really gorgeous gifts this year that have obviously had some real thought go into them and I am truly grateful to my friends and family.


If you have read my blogs before you will know how much I adore books- something my nearest and dearest obviously know!

I hadn’t heard of ‘Why Mummy Drinks’, but judging by the title I already know I’m going to love it -Mr F bought it for me too and he does seem to have a real knack for picking good reads. I also received Giovanna Fletcher’s new release from my Sister – she knows me so well! I love Gi’s books and have read them all to date so perfect. My new horoscope book has a new home on my bedside cabinet and will be religiously consulted each morning as I start my day in 2018!

Fluffy Socks

Who doesn’t love fluffy socks! The pair I am wearing are more like slipper sock/boots and are so fluffy! The kids bought them for me – although I may have pointed them out in the shop to Thing 1!

Perfume and Hand Cream

I suffer from the worst dry hands all year round- especially during Winter- so was delighted to be gifted a multipack of gorgeously scented hand creams from M&S which I can’t wait to try! Mr F also treated me to a new bottle of one of my favourite perfumes as mine has recently run out!

My best friend also bought me some Christmas hand wash from Bath and Body Works In America which I adore – it’s a gorgeous coconut scent, I genuinely never want it to run out!


Who doesn’t like sweet treats ? My brother and his wife bought me some gourmet popping corn – ideal as Thing 2 received a popcorn maker!, plus there were lots of other chocolate and sweet things lurking beneath the tree for me! We also received a large box of Roses (not pictured). I can literally feel myself getting heavier just looking at it all- but hey that’s what Christmas is for isn’t it?

Jewellery Box

My Dad and his wife bought me this really pretty little jewellery box from M&S. I adore butterflies as they have a special personal significance for me so this was a really beautiful surprise.

Get Organised!

The kids bought me a brand new planner and pens for my blogging which I adore as it will keep me organised and motivated as I head into the New Year! I also received a lovely family planner calendar- a real must for me as I wouldn’t know where I was supposed to be without my trusty calendar!

His and Hers Lap Trays

I LOVE these! Perfect for lazy dinners in front of the TV and so fitting for us!

Photo Frame and Photo

Mr F and I always open our gifts after the children have finished theirs so we can concentrate on seeing their reactions. When our turn came this year the little monkey decided he wanted to ‘help’ open ours- this consisted of him opening them at neck breaking speed without us really getting a good look at what was inside! This was certainly true for this gift as it was inside a box which I didn’t get round to opening until after teatime only to discover it contained a photo of me and my Dad when I was 10!

Dave Gorman Tickets

Every year hubby and I only buy each other something small then buy tickets of some description for the following year to give us something to look forward to – usually a comedian! This year we managed to get tickets for Dave Gorman’s local gig in May . I’m so excited already as we are really big fans, we couldn’t believe our luck when the gig was announced a month before Christmas.

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas filled with love and fun! What was your favourite gift this year?

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