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Pocket-Sized Positivity!

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have someone drip feeding you snippets of motivational and uplifting ideas to get you through the week? We all have those times where we could do with a focus to help boost our mood and give us some inspiration when we find ourselves in a rut couldn’t we? Now people say that good things come in small packages and that is certainly the case with Kim Ingleby’s new book. Hound of Happiness- 52 Ways to Feel Good, which can be that voice of positivity you need.


Kim Ingleby, AKA The Mind Body Coach, is a lady who has many strings to her bow, founding not only her own company Energised Performance but finding time to become a Global Brand Ambassador for Sweaty Betty and Shock Absorber and also raising over £80k for charity to date. In her work she helps her clients to stretch their potential by removing boundaries and helps them to grow in confidence and ultimately enhancing their mind, body and soul.

Born in Scotland Kim now lives in Bristol with her beloved rescue dog Jake, the hound of happiness, who takes centre stage for her newly published book. The book is wonderfully introduced by Jake explaining how he has lived in numerous homes during his short life before finally finding Kim who helps him manage his anxiety and make him feel good. The book is designed to help readers feel the same, offering to help them feel good and have fun!

Inside the book offers 52 pages of short uplifting, positive and motivational ideas. Being handbag/pocket sized it is ideal for using either on a regular basis or dipping into whenever you feel the need for some happy vibes. Having been lucky enough to receive a copy I have found myself using it most days, it lives on my bedside table and is fantastic to pick and flip through to find a random page for the day. Personally having struggled with anxiety and low mood I feel this book is a fantastic motivation for me. It advocates loving yourself and enjoying your life and each and every bite-sized page puts a smile on my face, even on some of my darker days.


At the back of the book there are a number of blank pages to allow readers to have a place to note down dreams they would like to achieve and habits and thought’s they would like to change. I feel this such a fantastic idea to be able to ‘personalise’ the book in such a way allowing you to keep your mind focused on what you are hoping to achieve. I also discovered, purely by accident, that the book doubles as a flip book which is very clever – I won’t spoil the surprise for you all though!

A portion of the money raised from sales of the book will be donated to a number of ‘little hound and human’ charities which you can read about by signing up to receive a monthly newsletter from Kim via her website – details below.

This inspirational little book would make the perfect companion for the forthcoming New Year with it’s 52 weekly motivational, uplifting quotes so why not treat yourself or perhaps gift one to a friend.

You can purchase The Hound of Happiness – 52 Ways to Feel Good Here

Read more about Kim and her work using the links below:

We received a copy of this book in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are our own.

9 thoughts on “Pocket-Sized Positivity!

  1. Oh my. That’s adorable. Dogs are definitely a go-to guide to the “secret of happiness” and “meaning of life.” They’ve got it all figured out, and it’s so simple… Love, live in the presence, and share your excitement with everyone and everything.
    Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year!

    Hiro x

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