All About Me: My Guilty Pleasures!

Now that all the festivities of Christmas and New Year are over I thought I would share a little about me. I felt that I had not long started my blog when Christmas was suddenly upon us and my focus was pulled to writing about all things festive so I am returning to basics and haven written a series of posts All About Me. This is the second post all about my guilty pleasures!

Mike Myers Movies

Since watching Mike Myers in Wayne’s World at the tender age of 11 I have been hooked, not only to his movies but to the man himself! I fell in love immediately and he is still at the top of my celeb crush list all these years later. I even had a Wayne’s World t-shirt which was my prized possession for many years. My favourite films though have to be the Austin Powers trilogy and I must hold my hands up to being one of those annoying people who sit quoting the script throughout the film.

Bovril on toast

Although commonly mixed as a hot drink my grandparents introduced me to Bovril on toast. I have never met anyone else who actually uses Bovril in this way but it is delicious! It’s very like Marmite or Vegemite but in my opinion much nicer. I could literally eat Bovril on toast all day long and never get bored. It also evokes so many memories of happy times spent at my Grandparents house as a child.

Christmas by Michael Buble

Anyone who knows me will tell you I am Christmas MAD! I also love Michael Buble so of course put the two together and it was always going to be a winner. My copy of this CD lives in my car and I play it at intervals all year round but usually it is a permanent fixture in the CD player from around August – it has already made its way there for this year’s stint. It would be very hard to pick my favourite song but if pushed it would have to be It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas as it just makes me feel super Christmassy.

Dr Ranj

I’m sure I won’t be alone in naming Dr Ranj as one of my guilty pleasures! As a parent of a young child it is inevitable that you will at some point have to endure kids TV and namely CBeebies . For me this is made a lot more bearable with the inclusion of Get Well Soon starring the one and only Dr Ranj. Phwoarrrr!

Haywoods Piccalilli

Again another throw back to my childhood with lunches of cheese and piccalilli sandwiches when visiting my Grandparents at the weekend. There are loads of different sweet piccalilli’s on offer in the supermarkets but for me it HAS to be Haywoods and nothing else will do. For years it was really hard to come by ‘up north’ but thankfully I can purchase it easily now – thank goodness.

Long bubble baths complete with a book!

Being a busy Mum my ultimate guilty pleasure just has to be a long, red hot bath full of (Christmas scented) bubbles plus my latest read. It is definitely simple pleasures when you have kids! I love to lock the door and stay in there for as long as I can before someone tracks me down!


My biggest guilty pleasure has to be WINTER! I know most people will think I am crazy but I don’t really like summer (gasp)! I love everything about winter – dark nights, cold weather, snow and fires. My favourite thing to do is to shut the curtains, flick the fire on, get into my fluffy socks and onesie, make a cuppa and snuggle on the sofa under my duvet watching the X Factor or a movie – for me there is literally nothing better. Check out my previous blog about why Nothing Beats Winter !

We all have those things that we love to do, listen to or watch that perhaps even those closedt to us don’t know about. I thought I would share with you a few of my guilty pleasures with you.

Please feel free to share some of yours with us below.

15 thoughts on “All About Me: My Guilty Pleasures!

  1. Buble is LIFE! I loooove listening to him during Christmas time!!! This was a great post! I think posts getting to know you better are great! And I also love bubble baths with a book. It’s so relaxing.

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  2. Long bath with a book… just life! I thing one of my fav things are just riding my bike, taking pictures and reading! xx corinne


  3. I love reading these kinds of posts, it’s so much fun finding out more about the blogger behind the blog. I love Haywards Piccalilli with cold meats, yum. But I don’t read books in the bath any more after I dozed off and dropped one in 🙈 Lovely post, thank you for sharing! X

    Lisa |


  4. I don’t think there’s anything guilty about enjoying a long bath with a book! Add some chocolate in there and that’s a perfect evening 👌🏻 not in the ACTUAL bath which I realise that’s how that sounded haha! xxx

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  5. Lol I think I like you even moreeee! I really enjoyed Austin Powers and OMG I’m mad over Christmas too 😍🎄 lol like nothing says Christmas like some Michael & Mariah (King & Queen of Christmas) I’m already excited for another Christmas lol. I really love Winter too, I wish I got to experience it more…this island heat has me melting lol.

    xx Lena |

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