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Review: The No More Worries Kit From The Irish Fairy Door Company

Something I haven’t discussed on my blog before are the issues we had when it came to settling Leo into nursery. It’s something that I may touch upon in more detail at a later date, but let’s just say to start with it was a rocky road. He suffered terribly with separation anxiety meaning it took him much longer to settle than his peers and it was an awful experience not only for him but also for us as parents. It’s not surprising then that the upcoming leap of starting big school has brought with it a new set of worries about the changes the move will bring.


We have done as much as we can, with the assistance of the school and his new teacher to help prepare him for September, ensuring any worries or concerns he may have are allayed. Of course, we are completely open to anything that can help with a smooth transition so when I was given the opportunity to review The No More Worries Kit from The Irish Fairy Door Company it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

Unsurprisingly, The Irish Fairy Door Company originally began selling fairy door sets giving children the chance to ‘rehome’ a fairy and bring a little magic into their home. Following on from the success of the fairy door sets they have branched out and now sell a whole host of magical items with The No WorriesKit being one of the newest additions.


The new kit is a spin off from the original Worry Plaque and contains a mini worry plaque keyring, a set of conversation cards and a Feelings Journal. Designed specially to help reassure even the most anxious little worrier the plaque is activated when you place your thumb on the fingerprint. Initially turning red to let you know the fairies can hear your worry it then turns green when the fairies have taken your worry away.

Also included in the kit is a set of 15 conversation cards each offering a question or statement to help open the lines of communication between parent and child and aid discussion about thoughts, feelings and concerns. I particularly like the one that suggests putting away all screens for 30 minutes to discuss your day – in the world of technology we live in something as simple as discussing your day can often be forgotten and it’s a fantastic reminder to take some time together to just talk.


To use alongside the plaque and cards the set also provides a gorgeous hardback Feelings Journal designed for children to write or draw about their thoughts and feelings. It’s a fantastic quality journal which is beautifully illustrated with colourful designs on each page as well as plenty of space for your little one to express themselves.


When I showed the set to Leo and explained its purpose he was excited to open it and tell the fairies his worry – despite only being Four he was initially dubious about if the fairies would be able to hear his worries but after some discussion he was completely sold on the idea! The plaque is so easy to use and after a few tries we discussed his worries which I’m pleased to report didn’t involve school. I found the prompt cards extremely useful as conversation starters and Leo really enjoyed writing and drawing in the journal with plenty of happy pictures drawn as well as a few worries.


The set is very well designed and of great quality. The plaque is such a simple yet effective tool to help kids let go of any thoughts that may be troubling them and I’m sure it will be useful for many years to come. It’s a fantastic modern update on the old-fashioned worry dolls I had as a child! Being a keyring it’s ideal to take along anywhere and we have attached ours to Leo’s rucksack which comes along with us everywhere stuffed with snacks – his not mine! – and is small enough to be used without attracting attention in public, perfect for any new situations that may arise.


The Irish Fairy Door Company website also offers a whole host of free content on it’s Worry Way Page which covers a range of kid relevant topics including Falling Out With Friends, Starting School and Fear Of The Dark to name but a few, it’s well worth a look.

The No More Worries Kit is available to purchase from The Irish Fairy Door Company website for £17.99.

We were gifted The No More Worries Kit in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own,

10 thoughts on “Review: The No More Worries Kit From The Irish Fairy Door Company

  1. Okay this is the CUTEST thing ever and LOOK how happy he looks with it! Ugh, my cold heart is melting! It’s so important kids have somewhere to express their concerns, even if it is to an imaginary fairy! This is something I would have loved as a kid xxx


  2. This is such a wonderful set….My youngest has it and it has really been helping her with school worries. (Going up to secondary school). It is perfect for little worriers x


  3. This is such a brilliant idea! 😍 I love the worry keyring, it must be so reassuring for Leo to have it on his rucksack and to be able to use whenever he is anxious. The conversation cards are fantastic for encouraging open and honest chat. I think this is a great little kit and wish these were around when I was a child. Fabulous post Melanie and thank you for sharing 💖 xx

    Bexa |


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