Review: Help Protect Your Back With The OneLeg Stool

As a teenager was the first time I experienced problems with my knees which unfortunately seems to be something that runs in our families genes as many close family members have similar issues. Since then I have sporadic knee pain and constant clicking when moving my joints which considering i’m only in my late 30’s isn’t ideal. Added to that I managed to slip four discs in my lower back whilst pregnant with my youngest child which lead to me being pretty much bed bound for 3 months, unable to walk to the toilet and back without being in agony. Thankfully my back has improved over the last 5 years to a manageable state however my consultant has told me my spine is deteriorating and it’s more a case of when rather than if I have further issues.

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I know I paint a pretty bleak picture of my ailing body however I understand the key to staying as mobile and fit as I am is to be careful with both my back and my knees, taking extra care in my day-to-day life. As a busy working parent this can often be easier said than done, especially with a boisterous 5 year old who wants you to be down on the floor playing with his toys. I’ll be honest often I have had to cut our playtime short when I have to sit or kneel on the floor as doing so for long periods of time can be extremely painful and cause me to experience discomfort for days after.

Always on the hunt for information and suggestions on how to look after my failing bones I recently discovered the OneLeg Stool. Immediately intrigued I read up about this ergonomically designed stool which offers to help protect your body when working in awkward positions at a low level. A keen gardener,designer Susanne Schmidt found she was experiencing back and knee pain whilst kneeling and working at low level and wanted to find an alternative to the traditional wooden paving stool she used as it was not fit for purpose.

Working alongside friend Jens Andersen, she designed and developed the OneLeg Stool which has a unique curved, non-slip foot allowing users to rock and tilt whilst moving to help reduce the impact on their back and knees. Made from strong plastic the stool is weather proof , lightweight and easy to clean making it suitable for use in a variety of environments. Available in two heights, you can also purchase a range of colourful silicone seat covers as an optional extra.

The OneLeg Stool sounded like the perfect solution to many problems I face when it comes to doing jobs or playing at a low level with the kids. I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to road test it. As I’m quite tall I opted for the larger of the two sizes which is 40cm high and chose the Petrol Blue seat cover.

When it arrived I couldn’t wait to try it out and have found it’s perfect for using alongside my son as he plays on the floor. I no longer have to spend my time constantly adjusting myself until eventually giving in a retreating to the sofa, which is amazing. I’ve also found it very useful when my son is in the bath and I can sit and talk to him as he plays without being uncomfortable.

The stool itself is extremely well made and very sturdy despite being so lightweight. It’s also compact which means it’s easy to store away when not in use which is ideal as being a family home we are somewhat lacking in space! The design is simple yet stylish and with a choice of coloured seat covers will fit in perfectly wherever you chose to use it. The OneLeg will certainly be used frequently for many years to come, not only by me but my husband too who also struggles at times getting up and down from the floor. It’s a fantastic aid which has a plethora of uses in both the home and work environment and I absolutely love it!

To find out more  you can visit the OneLeg Stool website.

*We were gifted this product in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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