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Top 3 Holiday Destinations To Revisit

Despite only recently returning from a holiday it doesn’t stop me dreaming about packing my case and heading off to warmer shores again! I’m sure I can’t be the only person who returns from a holiday wishing it had lasted longer with a list of places I would still have liked to have explored. In fact, I think after most of the trips I have made as an adult I have come away with at least one landmark or attraction I wished I had made time to visit. Instead I probably spent too much time at the beach or chilling by the pool! So, in today’s post I’m sharing the top 3 destinations I would like to re-visit in the future and the attractions that would definitely be at the top of my wish list.

Majorca – Alcudia Old Town

Majorca is a popular holiday destination thanks to its reasonably short flight time from the UK plus the amazing Holiday Deals for Families that are on offer. It was this that attracted us just over 10 years ago when we visited and stayed in Alcudia. At the time we only had the girls and as they were small we predictably spent most of our time poolside or wandering the more commercial areas of the town. However, personally I have always regretted not visiting Alcudia’s Old Town, especially when I hear friends and family talk about it.

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Whilst travelling I always enjoy finding out about local history and culture and visiting places of interest as for me they are much more enjoyable than sitting on the beach for hours on end. The Old Town is a wonderfully preserved medieval walled town which boasts the remains of ancient homes and a theatre dating all the way back to the 13th century. Steeped in history I would be in heaven spending the afternoon wandering its streets and maybe even visiting one of its regularly held markets. Plus of course it goes without saying that there would be plenty of Insta worthy picture opportunities!

Zakynthos – Navagio Beach

Known as shipwreck cove this beach is one of the most photographed places in Greece thanks to its picture-perfect yellow sand and blue shimmering water. Its image has been used hundreds of times on adverts and in holiday brochures so I’m sure even if you weren’t aware where it is situated it will be a familiar picture.

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The secluded beach is only accessible by boat and has over the years become a popular tourist attraction thanks to its idyllic location. The ship was reportedly wrecked on the beach back in 1980 when it was being pursued by the Greek Navy who believed the vessel was carrying contraband cigarettes, however there are many other theories as to how it came to rest there.

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This location looks like paradise and I would love to be able to take it in from the vantage point of the beach. Plus of course there would be the added bonus of a boat trip and being able to see this beautiful island from the sea en-route – the perfect trip!

Barcelona – Sagrada Familia

A few years ago, when visiting the resort of Salou, we took a day trip to the city of Barcelona. With only a few hours we were limited to what we could fit in and having taken in the Las Ramblas, La Boqueria market and a spot of retail therapy our time was up. However, there is so much more to see and do in Barcelona and I have vowed to return and stay in the city itself in the future.

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Top of my list is Sagrada Familia, probably the best known of Antoni Gaudi’s buildings in the city. Having studied Art History at A-Level I have always had an interest and appreciation for architecture and despite being unfinished the photos of this Roman Catholic church are breath taking. Started back in 1882 and not scheduled for completion until at least 2026 it’s has been built using several different artistic influences including late gothic and art nouveau.

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Gaudi’s work on the building has been protected thanks to its UNESCO WorldHeritage status due to its importance and value historically. In particular I would love to see it’s beautifully carved ornate facades which depict bible scenes including the nativity of this wonderful landmark. If I’m lucky enough to return to this fabulous city in the future I will also be making sure I squeeze in a visit to a few more of his buildings too.

Do you have places you would like to revisit? What would your top 3 landmarks or attractions to visit? Let me know in the comments below!

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One thought on “Top 3 Holiday Destinations To Revisit

  1. I’ve been to majorca about 2 times now (once when i was about 18 months old and then again about 11 years old) so as you can imagine i wouldnt appreciate all the scenery and the history of the place which is why i really hope i get to revisit one day!


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