9 Ways To Reinvent Your Bedroom

The bedroom is the most private retreat in the house.  It’s where you return to relax after a hectic day and whilst everyone dreams of having a bedroom like those shown in decor magazines, reinventing your bedroom can be quite challenging. So here are 9 hacks that will help breathe new life to your bedroom.

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Play with colour

Painting the walls should be the first consideration for revamping a bedroom. No matter if it is a new or existing bedroom, you should always consider the colour first.  Colours have a psychological effect, and this can be used to change the atmosphere of a room.

Reds and oranges will offer your space that warm, cosy, comforting feeling. However, on the other hand, cooler colours like green, blue and purple can help make the bedroom look spacious.

Another simple idea is to have a neutral colour palette and infuse colours using accessories to help create a nice bold statement.

Let the headboard speak

Headboards are primarily designed to fulfil the functional purpose of keeping your pillows in place, however they can also become a statement piece in the bedroom. In most bedrooms the bed is the central feature and investing in a quality headboard can greatly enhance the rooms ambience.

Even a room with a simple bed can look luxurious and elegant with a well-designed headboard. You can be creative and use several options to create a statement from bookshelves to artwork.

If you are looking to revamp an existing headboard, why not cover it with colourful fabric for a wallet saving new look.

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Have glamorous lighting

Lighting can really change the ambience of the bedroom and there are so many lighting options. Having symmetrical lamps on each side of the bed will not only help to create mood lighting but will enhance the overall decor of the room too.

To create a more luxurious effect why not add decorative wall lights or even a crystal chandelier to give your room a decadent feel.

Use gorgeous bedding

Adding colourful co-ordinated bedding and cushions will help make your bedroom warm and appealing. By carefully matching colours and patterns to your existing accessories it can really help you bring the whole room together.

Using quality luxurious fabrics like faux fur and silk will give you room a really sumptuous, cosy feel and completely change the look and feel of your bedroom.

Let your feet sink

Your bedroom is the place you want to experience ultimate comfort so personally I would always choose carpet over wooden flooring. Carpets help make the bedroom feel warm and cosy as well as more practically helping to reduce noise. Let’s face it there are simply some mornings where it just feels too cold to leave the confines of your bed and having a thick carpet to swing your feet onto is certainly more appealing than a cold floor!

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Dress up the windows

Another focal point in the bedroom is the window and by choosing the right dressing it can really help enhance the room. Choices are vast when it comes to curtains, blinds and shutters and it’s important to get the right balance between natural light and privacy. Using fabrics and patterns that compliment your existing bedding and accessories will help give your room a finished, complete look. Blackout blinds and/or curtains are always a must-have for me in a bedroom to help aid a restful night’s sleep.

 Frame the wall

Adding photos, art work or decals to the wall is a great way to update your bedroom quickly and easily. They make a great focal point for your room and are a great way to add some creativity – let your imagine go wild!

Mirrors also make a fantastic addition as they help increase natural light which can make your space appear larger.

 Add a statement piece

Why not add a one of a kind with statement piece to really give your room a unique feel? This could be anything from replication artwork, an antique piece of furniture or a well-designed bookshelf.  Whatever you choose it should reflect your style and taste to help make your unique mark on the room.

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Freshen up with some greenery

Inserting some greenery can work wonders as part of a bedroom makeover, helping to add colour to the room. However live plants are difficult to maintain for those who aren’t naturally green fingered like me. This is why the artificial indoor plants and trees are perfect.

Fake indoor palm trees are available in a plethora of variants. Crafted meticulously from high-quality materials, they no longer have the plastic-like appearance they once did making superb substitutes to live plants.

As these fabulous faux palms arrive already fully grown they can immediately help change the ambience of your room. With their specially crafted structure and leaves  miniature artificial palm trees offer all the benefits of live palms with very little maintenance. They only require a small amount of cleaning and their material means they do not grow mould, attract insects and are completely safe for those with allergies.


There are so many ways to give your bedroom a makeover, by using even one or two of these suggestions you will be able to change up your space giving it a brand-new feel. Revamping your room doesn’t have to be expensive it’s the attention to detail that helps create the overall appearance of your space.

What are your top tips for updating the bedroom?

*This is a collaborative post with Commercial Palm Trees

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