What Mum’s REALLY Want For Christmas

Whilst smellies, socks and pyjamas all make fabulous presents for Mum’s everywhere, have you ever considered what would be on their ‘dream’ wish list? For today’s Blogmas post I decided to share with you the 5 ‘gifts’ Mum’s would actually like Santa to deliver this Christmas. It isn’t a gift guide, but a little tongue in cheek fun not to be take too seriously, so here are 5 fantasy gifts for Mum’s everywhere!

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A Silent Night

Even before their little bundles of joy arrive poor Mum’s start to experience a disturbance to their sleep pattern, being woken regularly to pee or just being continually kicked. It doesn’t stop once they are born though, in fact often it gets worse, starting with night feeds and never stopping even as they become adults, when you sleep with a pricked up ear to make sure they arrive home safely.  Mum’s everywhere would love a good, undisturbed nights sleep and a decent lie this Christmas and boy do they deserve it!

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Turn Back Time

Bearing children means your body experiences irreversible changes, plus add the daily toil of raising them and the lack of sleep and it’s easy to see where all those new wrinkles came from. Like many Mum’s I have plenty of lumps, bumps and wrinkles in places I never thought possible before children! Sometimes I do fantasise about rewinding the clock to a time pre-children when my skin had that elasticity it’s now lost and was stretchmark free! A tiny bit of aging reversal certainly wouldn’t go amiss!

Order’s Up!

Before even heading out to do the food shop planning the meals for the week is a challenge, trying to please everyone! As if the planning and purchase of the food isn’t enough, Mum’s are then expected to cook and serve meals every day! I’d love for someone to come and take over the whole process from shopping to completed meal for the family as it’s not something I take any pleasure in, it’s the bain of my life if I’m honest! A chef is firmly on my fantasy wish list this Christmas and I know I won’t be alone.

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The Missing Manual

Every Mum must have this, the missing manual, on their Christmas list, right? You know the one that tells you which cup your child NEEDS to avoid a massive meltdown and how to get your baby to sleep for more than 30 minutes at a time. I’ve been looking for the three I’m missing for years now and they are extremely elusive, but I’m sure with Santa’s magical powers he can make my Christmas wish come true.

P.S. If anyone has a spare please feel free to get in touch, I’d be happy to pay postage!

Sparkle & Shine

So, you’ve survived the sleepless nights, colossal meltdowns, food shopping and are wearing your wrinkles with pride, but don’t have the energy left to clean the house as well? Fear not the last item on the list of things Mum’s really want for Christmas; is a cleaner who will slip in unnoticed wave their feather duster and reveal a sparkly clean house underneath the piles of washing and kids’ toys. They’ll pick up the discarded underwear that never seems to make it into the washing basket and polish the toilet until you can the see your face in it, such is the wonderful magic they can weave. A cleaner for Mum’s everywhere this Christmas please Santa.

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Mum’s, which of my 5 ‘gifts’ would you most like this year? Let me know in the comments below!

What would be on your fantasy wish-list for Santa this Christmas?

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