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The A-Z Of Christmas

I can barely believe I’m about to say this, but we have made it to day 22 of Blogmas already, where has the time gone? It’s mere days now until Santa will be on his way and I’m so excited, quite possibly more than the kids! Over the last three weeks I have shared all sorts of Christmas related posts and to be honest I had fully expected the post ideas to have dried up by now! Today’s post idea came to me (as many do) whilst washing the dishes and I hope it’s something you all enjoy reading. I have previously written an A-Z of me, which to date is one of my most read posts, so I thought I’d give a Christmas themed version a go. As with my original post it was certainly much harder than it seemed!

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A is for Advent Calendars

A nice obvious one to start with as let’s face it who doesn’t like having a daily door to open with a fabulously tasty treat hidden behind it! December rocks for this very reason!

B is for Brussel Sprouts

Brussels are one of my favourite things about Christmas dinner and I’d happily fill half my plate with them! My family all despise them, so I do usually end up with plenty just for me, although the rule is they have to eat at least one each or it isn’t Christmas!

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C is for Charity

Although I like to donate where I can throughout the year I’m extremely conscious at this time of year how fortunate we are. At a time of year that’s supposed to be filled with fun and merriment there are families who dread Christmas, often unable to cover basic needs let alone find the money for gifts and fancy meals. I’ve really enjoyed the last couple of years taking part in the reverse advent and I always donate a gift to our local Mission Christmas too in the hope that my small gesture goes some way to helping brighten someone’s Christmas.

D is for Decorations

I LOVE getting the decorations out of the garage and spending time putting them up with the family, despite the ensuing arguments over which ornaments go where. It’s great to close the curtains, get the Christmas lights switched on and snuggle on the sofa during December, it never fails to make me smile looking at our beautiful tree.

E is for Elf

Elf is one of my all-time favourite movies and it just isn’t Christmas unless it’s had multiple viewings. Will Ferrell just makes this film; his portrayal of Buddy the Elf is epic – what a legend!

F is for Family

Although we all reside in the same house it’s often difficult to spend quality time as a family. Christmas is one of the few times I can guarantee we will all be in the same room for more than a few hours. We always play board games, watch movies and eat together, which for teenagers who like to reside in their bedrooms is tantamount to a Christmas miracle.

G is for Gift Wrapping

That endless task! It always starts so well with neatly wrapped, insta worthy parcels, but by the end I’m just grateful the paper I’ve cut is long enough – even if it needs just a little stretch! I say every year I’m going to make Mr F buy and wrap the presents next year as I’m sick of doing it, but it somehow never happens!

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H is for Hot Chocolate

Yummy! Give me a luscious Hot Chocolate any time during the Winter months and I’m happy, but I love the snowman soup variety! You know the ones in a cone shape filled with Hot Chocolate, marshmallows and a chocolate stirrer. All you need to make it perfect is a squirt of cream – the perfect festive drink.

I is for Inundated

That feeling Mum’s get on Christmas morning when everyone is vying for your attention when you are trying your hardest to tidy up the stack of presents whilst simultaneously putting the dinner on so people can actually eat!

J is for Joyful

I’m a massive Christmas fan and I can hand on heart say December is my most joyful month by far. Christmas songs are so cheerful, everyone else is feeling festive and it’s contagious, the list could go on. The joy of Christmas for me isn’t about gifts it’s the wonderful atmosphere the festive season creates.

K is for Kissing Under The Mistletoe

Who doesn’t like a cheeky kiss under the mistletoe? We have some fake mistletoe that goes up above the doorway to the kitchen every year and it’s always fun to try and steal a kiss as Mr F passes under it!

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L is for Lights

Like every town ours has a yearly festive light display and switch on, which to be fair isn’t the most exciting or elaborate. However, this year I promised the little man that we could go after school for a look and it was actually really lovely. We went to the café for a cake and a drink while we waited for it to get dark before going for a walk. It definitely helped get us all in the festive spirit.

M is for Muppets Christmas Carol

It couldn’t be anything else, it’s my favourite Christmas movie! I’ve watched it every year without fail since it’s release and has a real nostalgic sentiment for me as I have memories of watching it with my little sisters.

N is for Nativity

No not the movie this time, but the sweet little performances the kids take part in at school. As a Mum of three I’ve seen my fair share and they never fail to make me cry, even if my child is simply standing picking their nose at the back – true story!

O is for Oranges

Well clementine’s to be more specific. I love eating these sweet little fruits at Christmas, it’s a tradition from my childhood that has stuck. I don’t eat them or any other type of orange at any other time of year though!

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P is for Pigs In Blankets

Of course! One of the best parts of Christmas lunch for me, but you’ve got to be quick in my house as they just seem to disappear.

Q is for Quality Street

Again, a nostalgic nod for this one as Quality Street were always the treat of choice during my childhood That was before they started messing about with the sweet recipes and flavours! The tins used to be huge and last forever back in those days too – sigh.

R is for Reading

One of my favourite genre of books to indulge in is those romantic, chick-lit style Christmas themed book. Yes they are pretty predictable at times, but they are perfect for curling up with on a Winter’s evening to help get you in the festive mood.

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S is for Snow

Snow is my favourite weather – yes I’m crazy – and I always wish and hope for a white Christmas which unfortunately never materialises. The dream is still there, and my fingers are tightly crossed.

T is for Tinsel

Tinsel looks pretty but is surely the work of the devil. The strands seem to malt even with a slight glance and even after hoovering numerous times you still find it for weeks. Please tell me I’m not alone……

U is for Unwrapping

The most exciting part of giving and receiving gifts is the unwrapping! The suspense as you open the wrapping paper to discover what treats lay beneath it so exciting. I also particularly enjoy watching the reactions of family and friends as they open the gifts I have given.

V is for Visiting

There are so many visits to be made over Christmas to friends and family plus of course the all-important visit to see the big man in the red suit. One of the highlights in the run up to Christmas for me, is taking the kids to visit Santa. I don’t know what I’ll do in a few years’ time when the little man is too big to want to go – Fingers crossed I’ll have nieces of nephews by then that I can borrow!

W is for Wreath

This year is only the second time we have bought a wreath. I’m unsure why we haven’t in the past, but it’s a fabulous addition to our Christmas decorations.

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X is for Xtra

I know, this one is a little bit of a cheat, but X was super hard! X is for all the xtra food and drink I buy each Christmas that we attempt and usually fail to consume! It’s a running joke about my Christmas Eve buffet that I’m feeding the whole street despite promising myself every year I’ll cut back.

Y is for Yule Log

I’m the only person in my house that likes Christmas Pudding so instead our dessert is always a luxury Chocolate Yule Log. Plain or sometimes with a little cream it always goes down a storm with the family.


Sleep, or the lack of it is always the hardest part of Christmas Day for me. Often, I’ve been up until the early hours waiting for excited children to go to sleep or having to build an impossible toy, only to be woken at the crack of dawn! The first hour or two is usually spent in a daze until I get my traditional Christmas breakfast of a bacon sarnie and a cup of tea.

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