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Review: BlueRock® Bamboo Toothbrush Subscription

There’s no doubt about it, plastic waste reduction is the hot topic on everyone’s lips and rightly so when the statistics are staggering. With 8 million tonnes of plastic waste ending up in our oceans annually, equivalent to a truckload every minute, we have a real issue that simply cannot be ignored. The damage this plastic is causing to our environment and the wildlife living within it is unacceptable and like many I have been consciously trying to cut our families plastic usage to play our part in tackling this problem.

It’s not just individuals that need to make the change and many companies and organisations have already started to make changes and commit to reducing plastic use in their products and processes. However, to make a real difference it’s essential to look for products available on the market that offer an alternative to everyday items.

Recently I discovered BlueRock®, a bamboo toothbrush subscription, who offer an alternative to the run of the mill plastic toothbrush. We all use toothbrushes, 100 million a year in fact, so it’s a fantastic place to start when such a simple swap can be made.Passionate about plastic-free living,  BlueRock® toothbrushes are made from sustainably sourced Mao bamboo which is hypoallergenic and naturally anti-bacterial and make a perfect alternative to our usual plastic brushes.

Their bamboo brushes have a really stylish, modern; look with their ergonomically shaped handles and brightly coloured selection of bristle options. Lasting just as long as a regular brush, the real difference is that they can be fully recycled after use making them environmentally friendly. The bamboo handle is bio-degradable and can be disposed of in your home compost bin which is not only amazing, but super easy too. Plus, unlike others, the bristles of the BlueRock® toothbrush are punched into the handles so have no nasty adhesives and can be pulled out after use for recycling.

Delivered in a letterbox sized package, it goes without saying that all the packaging is plastic free, instead using PEFC-certified card. The box itself has loads of information about using and disposing of your brushes printed inside to avoid any excess packaging.

The subscription service is simple to set up, just chose how many brushes you require and how frequently you would like to receive them, usually in 2-4-month intervals. Brushes come in two sizes, adult and kids (3-9yrs) and prices start from £3.50 per brush, depending on the quantity required. Toothbrushes are delivered in a variety of colours to help prevent confusion – ideal in our house! BlueRock® also donate 10p from the sale of every toothbrush to marine conservation, giving something back to help protect our environment. Subscriptions can be paused or cancelled at anytime without penalty and all orders are delivered FREE in the UK.

I have to say before discovering BlueRock® I hadn’t given toothbrushes much consideration when it comes to our plastic usage, but it’s such an easy swap to make. The brushes clean our teeth just as well as our standard brushes which is all you can ask for plus, they are much more appealing on the eye! We really liked the different coloured bristles, although it was a bit of a scrum between us adults to grab the one we wanted first! For me personally, a toothbrush subscription is a fabulous idea as it’s the reminder I need to change brushes, as I’m afraid to say sometimes I do forget to do it as regularly as I should! Swapping to bamboo is the perfect way to kick start my New Year resolution to reduce our plastic, it’s two thumbs up from us!

Visit the BlueRock® website for more information and subscribe.

*We were gifted a subscription in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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