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Review: Janger The Ultimate Holiday Hanger

It’s officially Spring and that means we can start looking forward to those much-needed Summer holidays, right? Well here at the Fraser house we are certainly looking forward to our short break at Haven in August and the little one has been talking about it for months! Whilst holidays are meant to be relaxing there are of course elements of the whole thing that can be stressful and for me the packing is the thing that usually has me pulling my hair out, especially as I am left to pack not only for myself but for the whole family.

Being such a large family means that it’s not often not viable for us to go abroad due to the cost, however we do love our caravan holiday’s and over the years have travelled to numerous sites in the UK. One thing that is always lacking when holidaying in a caravan though is space. When it comes to unpacking and storing clothes during our stay, often our stuff remains squashed in the bags in the corner of the living area due to not only a lack of space but also the limited number of hangers provided – sometimes only 2 per wardrobe!

Luckily for me the solution to this dilemma already exists in the form of the Janger The Janger is a simple, lightweight plastic hook which has endless uses both on holiday and around the home. For years big retailers have been using Janger’s to help organise and display their merchandise which allows them to use their space more effectively and now you can buy them for your own personal use!

Janger’s are made using three times less recycled plastic than a standard clothes hanger and are 100% recyclable too. Plus, being 60% smaller than normal sized hangers they take one seventh less energy to manufacture and less fuel to transport, helping keep the company’s carbon footprint to a minimum.  Practical and eco-friendly, it doesn’t get much better than that in my opinion!

As if their eco-friendly credentials aren’t enough this fabulous company donates 5% from every sale to the charity Please Take Me There, which provides free transport for children, adults and families facing cancer to allow them to access lifesaving treatments as quickly as possible, such a worthwhile cause I’m sure you’ll agree.

So, what can you use the Janger for? Well as I’ve already said the uses for these nifty little hooks is endless. I’m definitely going to using mine for our forthcoming holiday, they are ideal to attach to clothing as you pack making the job at the at other end so easy, simply take out your clothes and hang! They will also be really useful to hang wet swimwear on when we return from the pool as it’s always a dilemma where to put them to ensure they dry out for the following day.

At home they can be used to hang utensils in the kitchen, towel’s in the bathroom as well as practically anything else you can think of. They are so versatile they can even be used upside down by attaching the clip and using the hook to hang things from. I’ll also be using a few of ours to help keep the wires tidy on the kid’s computers and other technology to help avoid the somewhat frequent trips that happen in our house!

Despite being extremely lightweight the hooks are anything but flimsy – in fact to roadtest them I tried with all my might to bend one which proved practically impossible. They are superb and they will get plenty of use from our family both home and away thanks to their simple attach and go design.

Janger’s are available in a range of colours including single colours as well as the trendy Tropical Multi-pack featured and are sold in packs of 20. The packaging is simple and I love that they have incorporated a Janger, perfectly demonstrating their use!

I think these are an absolute steal at only £4.50 per pack, making them less than 25p each! If looked after these will last forever and of course don’t forget once their life is finished can be easily recycled too. So why not treat yourself to a pack or two to help organise and streamline your home or offer some space saving help on you holidays.

To find out more about this fabulous product or to buy some of your own please visit the Janger Website

*We were gifted the products featured in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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